Improve Sales Through Best Practice

Improve Sales Through Best Practice


Sales is one of the most talked about, most written about business areas in the world. The best-seller lists of and local online bookseller are frequently topped by books promising sales secrets that will give companies the winning edge. Interestingly, this obsession with sales is not mirrored in business schools or graduate departments.

In fact, the lack of information and skills-development tools for sales leaders in particular is one of the reasons why sales books do so well on the best-seller lists.

Already in its second year, the ThinkSales Sales Leadership Conference, which will be held in Sandton on 26-27 September, is geared specifically towards sales leaders. Local and international keynote speakers are carefully selected to provide delegates with the opportunity to gain exposure to best-practice, tested and proven principles for building highly competitive, high-growth sales organisations.

“An important concept when dealing with human performance is the principle of the ‘winning edge’,” says Andrew Honey, CEO of ThinkSales Corporation, host of the ThinkSales Sales Leadership Conference. “Sales leaders should always be on the lookout for ways to improve the abilities of both themselves and their team.” And as economic conditions tighten, so too does sales ability become even more critical to the ultimate sustainability and growth of organisations. According to Honey, the conference and its speakers promise to help sales leaders achieve just that.

Learning to ‘speak sales’

One of the keynote speakers at this year’s ThinkSales Sales Leadership Conference is Steve W Martin, a foremost expert on ‘sales linguistics’, which focuses on how customers use language during the complex decision-making process. If you can read between the lines when dealing with customers, you can learn to speak their language, and ultimately make sales.

Martin is the founder of the ‘Heavy Hitter’ sales training programme and the author of the critically acclaimed Heavy Hitter series of sales books for senior salespeople, which have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Selling Power Magazine. The Heavy Hitter sales training programme has helped over 100 000 sales people become top revenue producers at leading companies.

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