Index Tracks Youth Employment

Index Tracks Youth Employment


The launch of the Youth Employment Index (YEI) marks the beginning of a movement that will encourage South African employers to hire more young people and help them further their careers through on the job training.

With youth unemployment in South Africa currently at a staggering 48.2%, interventions like this one are urgently needed.

The YEI is an online index whereby any organisation can register the number of young people they employ, along with any training and skills development initiatives they run for them.

Recognition for youth development

The aim of the YEI is to encourage businesses to prioritise youth employment and development. Top performing companies will receive recognition and participating will allow them to demonstrate that they are making moves to address youth unemployment.

The YEI was established by reward and recognitions company, Uwin Iwin; global audit, accounting, tax and advisory services firm, Mazars; and strategic communications consultancy, Pleiades Media.

Young people need mentorship

Chairperson of the YEI, Nazreen Sekao Pandor, is responsible for the human rights and social compliance division at Mazars.

“I believe that young South Africans need to be provided with meaningful opportunities to address the misconception that they job hop for two cents more,” she said.

“Young people need to be mentored by leaders who are well rounded and who can groom them to take over the reins. We have great mentors in many organisations that can impart such skills.”

“The YEI is a platform where corporates can see how they are faring against each other,” Pandor added. “It will also create healthy competition, with corporates spurring each other on to employ more young people.”

Alison Job
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