Internet Vital to Skills Development

Internet Vital to Skills Development


The Mitchell’s Plain community is being educated about technology with a view to increasing their chances of either getting a job or becoming entrepreneurs.

MWEB has partnered with the Mitchell Plain’s Education Forum (MPEF) to bring technology and Internet connectivity to the local community. MPEF works on improving education and assisting in job creation for unemployed youth in the Western Cape.

Tech knowledge needed

MWEB is providing connectivity and computer facilities to the technology training facility, highlighting the need to educate communities about technology.

“We believe strongly in the opportunities that are created through the application of technology,” says Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP.

MWEB describes the Internet’s role in empowering communities as providing additional learning resources, developing skills and building self-esteem. These all make youth a lot more employable.

Building on past successes

MPEF skills centre manager Winston McPherson says, “With the Internet connectivity that MWEB is providing to our facility, learners will for the first time have access to research. This will have a huge impact on the way they learn and grow their skills set.”

Over 700 learners mentored through MPEF have gone on to achieve great success, most of who have opened up their own small business.

Alison Job
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