Investing to Make your Dreams a Reality

Investing to Make your Dreams a Reality


Sanlam has launched a new unit trust website that educates investors via an infographic and easy-to-follow content. Visit the new site at

Candice Paine, head of retail at Sanlam Investment Management says, “In a slow economy, dreams of holidays, university educations or a comfortable retirement can seem far out of reach, but they need not be. By investing with a clear goal in mind and using a suitable investment product, these dreams are achievable.

“More and more, people from all walks of life are turning to unit trusts as their preferred savings and investment vehicle. Unit trusts are nimble, cost effective, high return investments that offer good returns and value for money. There is a broad range of fund options, suited to an individual’s appetite for risk and their needs.”

For more information, visit and for more insights into the investment world, visit its blog, or follow on twitter @simintelligence.

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