Know What’s Happening In Your City

Know What’s Happening In Your City


The Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) has launched a website that provides an overview of the key dynamics and trends affecting the people, environment, economy, and governance of the Gauteng City-Region (GCR).

The State of the Gauteng City-Region Review 2013 uses maps, graphs, info-graphics and diagrams to make the GCRO’s research as accessible as possible.

Data included in the review includes:

  • Quality of life and marginalisation – evaluating the general well-being of individuals and/or larger units such as communities, cities or entire societies
  • Governance – how satisfied people were with various services provided by government
  • Regional economy – the economy of the GCR is the largest and most diverse in South Africa
  • Space and mobility – describes where people are located in the GCR and the drastic land cover/use change and urban growth over the past two decades
  • Sustainability – sets out the context for the resource challenge faced by the GCR and discusses key aspects of it.


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