Krispy Kreme Remains Triumphant Despite The Strain Of International Brands In The...

Krispy Kreme Remains Triumphant Despite The Strain Of International Brands In The Local South African Market



Following a recent article by Moneyweb highlighting the “hefty costs of global brands” and the strain this has placed on large holding companies, Krispy Kreme South Africa and franchise holding company Fournews have a different story to share.

Krispy Kreme South Africa currently aim to exceed their initial rollout target and will open a total of 31 outlets over a 5-year period from their first store launch in Rosebank, Johannesburg in 2015.

There are key insights around the success of Krispy Kreme South Africa which are linked to the local partnership between John and Gerry’s Brands and franchise holding company Fournews. The brand’s success is also a result of the support of franchisor, Krispy Kreme International.

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“The success of Krispy Kreme South Africa is a showcase that not all international brands can be ‘painted with the same brush’ ”, says Gerry Thomas, Krispy Kreme South Africa MD.

John and Gerry’s Brands partnered up with the Fournews group in 2015 to introduce international brand Krispy Kreme into the local South African market. Fournews have a long standing history in the franchising and restaurant industry with over 21 years’ experience and are famously known for their success with the News Cafe brand who celebrated their 22nd birthday this year.

Krispy Kreme South Africa has largely benefited from the Fournews systems and support structures, allowing the brand to succeed in the local market.

The franchisor licensing Krispy Kreme South Africa with the ability to localise the supply of as many proprietary products as possible, thus supporting local industry and also maximizing operating margins has largely contributed to the brand’s success.

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Krispy Kreme South Africa’s shareholder managed and driven approach is fundamental to the success of the business as well as the franchisor’s confidence in the local team who they hold in high esteem. This allows Krispy Kreme South Africa the impetus to grow the brand with supportive partners.

Krispy Kreme South Africa compete in a unique market rather than one that is saturated by brands with a similar product offering. The success of Krispy Kreme South Africa is an example that identifying the correct gaps in the market accompanied by thorough research, support structures and systems in place, international brands are able to succeed in our local market.

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