Launch Of Discovery Entrepreneurs MedTech Silicon Valley Programme

Launch Of Discovery Entrepreneurs MedTech Silicon Valley Programme


The 2016 Discovery Entrepreneurs Medical Technology programme was also launched at the Discovery entrepreneurs dialogue session. The programme aims to provide local medical technology entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network and learn in a global market

Featuring a trip to Silicon Valley, USA, from 27 November to 3 December 2016, the programme will allow participants to look at:

  • How technology is transforming the American healthcare system
  • New innovations designed for emerging market consumers
  • Alternative approaches to venture capital.

Entrepreneurs who are interested must submit their applications by 23:59 on 25 September 2016. From these applications, twenty will be selected to spend the week in the San Francisco Bay area exploring the latest in global technology-driven innovation.

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Detailed information about the programme and how to apply can be found at

Technology is changing the global approach to health and wellness

The increasing burden of disease, innovative treatments and technology, compliance, and fraud and waste in healthcare are some of the solutions in global healthcare challenges.

To find solutions to these challenges, issues of access, quality and affordability need to be addressed. Digital products are disrupting traditional business models (think Airbnb or Uber).

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Similarly, healthcare organisations are also increasingly looking at digital solutions to disrupt healthcare delivery across the value chain by revolutionising access, quality and affordability.

Dr Noach says, “We are in a global digital healthcare revolution with significant investment across various categories. These include wearables, analytics and data, digital medical devices, population health management, personal health tools and tracking as well as the evolution of electronic health records.

“The pace of digital health funding in the first half of 2016 echoed the record-breaking years of 2014 and 2015, with funding just passing the $2 billion mark. This is an exciting time for startups looking to disrupt the game.”

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