Moo-ving with the Times

Moo-ving with the Times


Images are everywhere. Some brands have become so familiar to us that we don’t even respond when we see them. For business this is not ideal, after all, brand success boils down to brand awareness. So creativity is a must when getting and maintaining people’s attention.

So if you’re driving down the highway and pass a cow with a QR code on its side, you’re not seeing things.

Getting attention by drawing attention

The UK dairy industry is ailing with less than 11 000 farmers in operation, and public awareness of the industry at an all-time low despite milk being a staple in most UK fridges. Worried about the lack of public interest affecting the future of dairy farming, farmer Jane Barnes of Leicestershire took the matter of awareness into her own hands with a can of animal-friendly spray paint.

Lady Shamrock, the eight year old Friesian cow was sprayed with a digital QR code that, when scanned by smartphones, links to an interactive blog describing the daily operations of a dairy farmer as well as the challenges the industry faces.

Ever since, passersby have been taken with curiosity, first wanting to confirm they’re really seeing a QR code on a cow, and secondly getting their instant gratification fix with Internet enabled smartphones.

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