Online Management of Your Small Business Made Easy

Online Management of Your Small Business Made Easy


As a small business owner you know that your business needs a range of software applications, from Excel to Powerpoint, but it can be challenging to manage all your work if you are working on the go and using multiple devices, from smartphones to laptops.

1. Embrace the new era of innovation

The good news is that small business owners have it better than ever before when it comes to small business friendly software innovations.

One of the most exciting innovations is cloud computing – and with that comes the world of cloud storage, which allows you to store your documents in a secure online drive space. Not only does it free you from the worry of keeping your documents safe, but it also makes collaboration between staff members really easy.

The biggest advantage is the ability to work across a range of devices. There are some valuable options out there, but the key is to get something that is affordable and really works for your small business.

 2. Protect your business with the Office of the future

There are various business software packages on the market, but one that works well for any small business already running on Microsoft, is its natural extension: Microsoft Office 365. It includes the tried and trusted programmes, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access, but it also offers 1 Terabyte OneDrive cloud storage.

Then there are additional features such as 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month to landlines and mobile phones, constant software updates and the synchronisation of all devices with OneDrive, a cloud storage solution for all your work files that can be accessed from anywhere.

It works on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and computers, synchronises across devices and it has a powerful search function to find files in seconds.

The two options are Microsoft Office 365 Personal which offers access for an individual user and Microsoft Office 365 Home which offers access for up to five users.

3. Get your basics straight

All that is required to get your business onto a business software solution such as MS Office 365, is an Internet connection such as fixed line ADSL or mobile data and a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

Once that is sorted, speak to MWEB about the Microsoft Office 365 current special from R60 per month for existing MWEB ADSL customers. MWEB Customers can add this product onto their monthly bill. New and existing customers can call 087 7000 999 or submit a call-back request via  the MWEB website.

 4. A partnership that makes sense for small business

MWEB and Microsoft Office 365 have partnered because both companies are committed to supporting small business owners as they grow.

Microsoft has pledged its commitment to bringing the benefits of cloud- based productivity to small businesses while MWEB views cloud computing as one of the most important tools it can recommend to its small business customers. In fact, I believe that this is one of the best cloud solutions for small business owners on the market today.



Rihana Hoosain
Rihana Hoosain is the Head of Products at MWEB, South Africa’s leading Internet Service Provider. Like MWEB, Rihana is passionate about assisting small businesses to take their business online and to find the best online products and tools for small businesses.