Online Resource for Treps

Online Resource for Treps


Emerging Stars is a newly re-launched website that partners entrepreneurs in emerging economies with global investors and distributors.

Operating out of offices in Cape Town, the website was first launched in 2008 as an extension to the television series, Emerging Stars.

The portal has been revamped into a sustainable business model and now not only educates, supports and guides entrepreneurs but also provides tangible and credible information to potential investors about:

  • Business plans
  • Balance sheets
  • Cashflow projections
  • Income statements.

It is a meeting place for some of the best entrepreneurial ideas and minds to connect and market their projects and products to international investors and distributors.

Opportunities for treps

Opportunities for entrepreneurs include projects like:

  • Greenhouse farming in Rwanda
  • A bio medicals company in Russia
  • A wood pellet plant in South Africa.

Distributors are also required for:

  • Handmade jewellery from India
  • Ceramic and porcelain dinnerware from Thailand
  • Plastic recycling machinery from Turkey.

 The site allows free business listings (uploaded once they have been researched and verified by the team to ensure sustainability), and will allow potential investors to access detailed information such as business plans, financial reports and contact details.

It also offers “first right of refusal” opportunities for investor partners with bespoke fee structures.

 A model that works                                                                                          

Examples of past successful deals are numerous – from a producer of solar lamps in Ghana who found, in a period of a few days, distributors in six countries, to an Indian businessman who received offers to fund a hotel development in Goa.

Alison Job
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