Part 3: Enter The BMW 7 Series Executive Lounge

Part 3: Enter The BMW 7 Series Executive Lounge


There is hardly a more effective place to relax when on the move than in the optional Executive Lounge¹ of the BMW 7 Series Long Version. It offers the rear passenger behind the front-seat passenger maximum comfort through a wide range of adjustment options, including massage function with combined Vitality Programme and an electrically extending footrest on the front passenger backrest for a particularly comfortable resting position.

The seat and backrest angle can be individually adjusted to create a comfortable relaxation position. In addition, the front passenger seat can be moved far forwards electrically and its backrest folded forwards with the headrest folded down for maximum leg room and to allow for an unobstructed view to the front.

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The equipment option Rear-seat entertainment Experience perfectly round off the rear of the BMW 7 Series as a place of retreat. 

6. Executive Lounge rear console

The Executive Lounge rear console offers a wealth of functions for the best possible comfort in the back seat of the vehicle. Via BMW Touch Command, a 7″ touchscreen tablet, it also allows for convenient operation of the comfort and entertainment functions.

The Executive Lounge rear console also offers two integrated cup holders, including a storage compartment and another compartment under the armrest.

Additionally, the Executive Lounge rear console includes a snap-in charging holder for the BMW Touch Command, and exclusive Floor mats in high pile. The Executive Lounge rear console leaves four seats available in the vehicle.


7. Vitality Programme

Travel in a relaxed manner and arrive fit and full of energy. In combination with the massage seats at the rear and the equipment option Rear-seat entertainment Experience, the BMW Vitality Programme offers rear-seat passengers an extensive range of features to increase their physical wellbeing.

Eight different exercise programmes are available to mobilise the muscles of the back and shoulders. The interactive body training is displayed on the rear-seat entertainment monitor, while sensors integrated into the rear seats give feedback to ensure the exercises are performed to the optimum.

8. Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system


The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system offers outstanding studio-quality sound in the vehicle. The careful positioning of the speakers guarantees that driver and passengers always enjoy the best possible sound, no matter where they are sitting. Sixteen speakers with a total output of 1,400 watts provide a mesmerising sound experience.

Innovative speaker materials strike the perfect balance between sound quality and vehicle weight. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system diamond tweeters are made of pure synthetic diamonds.

This distinctly light and extremely resilient material is ideal for producing high-frequency signals. Further highlights include the NautilusTM technology, which deflects undesirable sound radiation from the back of the dome, allowing a three-dimensional sound to be created, as well as two mid-range speakers with Kevlar® technology and two central subwoofers with Rohacell technology.

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The stainless-steel speaker trim features the exclusive Fibonacci cut-out design. When the system is turned on, the speakers are subtly illuminated, which visually emphasises the system’s outstanding sound quality.

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¹ Expected to be available from July 2016 production. 

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