Part 7: The BMW 7 Series: Lighting the Way

Part 7: The BMW 7 Series: Lighting the Way


With the all-new BMW 7 Series, BMW has redefined what an exclusive, luxurious driving experience looks like in contemporary, pioneering form.

Ground-breaking technologies in the areas of lightweight design, powertrains, chassis, operating systems, intelligent connectivity and interior ambience underline its mission to bring together unbeatable driving pleasure and long-distance comfort in a luxury sedan.

The handing over of the baton from one generation to the next at the top end of BMW’s model line-up sees the brand presenting a raft of innovations unmatched by any of its rivals.

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BMW Laserlight

A stunning new feature in the luxury sedan segment is BMW Laserlight, familiar from the BMW i8. Thanks to BMW Selective Beam, this is dazzle-free and can be specified for the new BMW 7 Series as an alternative to the standard full-LED headlights.

The laser headlights generate a particularly bright, pure white light as well as providing a high-beam range of up to 600 metres, double that of LED headlights.

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The equipment includes LED lowbeam headlights and LED highbeams with a laser module. The extremely bright BMW Laserlight has a light intensity substantially higher than that of conventional light sources.

Headlights with BMW Laserlight feature blue design accents, as well as “BMW Laserlight” lettering, which differentiate them visually. BMW Laserlight also includes LED parking lights, LED daytime running lights, LED indicators, LED cornering lights, Adaptive headlights and BMW Selective Beam (dazzle-free High-beam assist).

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The BMW Group has a long tradition of leading the automotive future. We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the BMW 7 Series we are creating tomorrow’s luxury today. Thanks to game-changing innovations, benchmarking comfort and contemporary design as well as dynamics that are both impressive and highly efficient. Visit our website here.