Practical Training for SMEs

Practical Training for SMEs


Endeavor South Africa will be hosting the second Entrepreneur Academy BootCamp this week in order to offer practical, concise training to SMEs. The BootCamp was borne out of the realisation that there are few educational structures that are specifically tailored to support the needs of the ‘young’ entrepreneur who is pressed for time yet desperate for skills. The BootCamp has been specifically designed to offer practical courses to entrepreneurs.

Immediate skills

The courses offered have been prepared to equip entrepreneurs with practical skills and tools that can be directly applied to their companies. Courses such as ‘Articulating Financial Targets’, ‘Pursuing Market opportunities’ and ‘Developing Products and Services’ are aimed at helping entrepreneurs shift their thinking around their existing product and service offerings in order to refine and improve them. Other courses, like ‘SME Governance and Regulation’ in South Africa are vital to provide importnat information around doing business as a local SME. Above that is an inspirational element, where attendees will hear from other more established entrepreneurs, who will share their stories of success and encourage entrepreneurs to forge ahead.

The testament to the success and potential of the BootCamp is in the form of sponsorship provided by Anglo American. Furthermore, Anglo American, corporate companies and government funders sponsored their entrepreneurs to attend the training. However, the most telling success will come from the valuable skills the entrepreneurs will have gained to take their businesses to the next level.

For any information on the BootCamp and to get involved in future BootCamps please contact: Maria Azevedo on +27 (11) 463 0992, email or visit

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