Property Rentals a Doddle with New Tool

Property Rentals a Doddle with New Tool


The time has never been better to be in the residential property rental market, which is experiencing rapid growth.

While the letting of rental properties can be fraught with challenges, with the right property letting tool that allows you to capitalise on the growth in the rental market, it can prove successfully lucrative.

The “zero deposit” letting management tool from Rentshield offers the landlord a wide range of benefits, one of them being far better protection than a traditional deposit would offer.

Zero deposit required

It allows the landlord to forego the initial hefty deposit requirement, which often acts as a deterrent to potential tenants. While this “zero deposit” offering is hugely appealing to tenants, the benefits for landlords are numerous, as they are protected for almost every eventuality.

Rentshield takes care of all the leg work that comes with renting property. They offer a comprehensive online tenant vetting facility at no extra cost and conduct thorough in and out inspections at the beginning and end of each occupation, also at no extra cost.

The offering even deals with challenges such as the eviction process, covering the landlord for damages, non-payment by the tenant and legal fees – the latter to the value of R50 000.

In addition, landlords receive timely reminders of lease expiry.

How to qualify

  • The tenant must be a South African citizen
  • The lease must be for a minimum 12-month period
  • The tenant must be able to afford the rent.
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