Recycling Your Rubbish

Recycling Your Rubbish


Innocent Sibeko is the Regional Pitch & Polish winner from workshops held in Secunda and Sasolburg.

Pitch & Polish is a workshop-come-competition which tests the contestants’ ability to pitch their idea convincingly to investors. Contestants are coached on the art of pitching while the audience role-play as investors and bank managers.

The free, day-long business training programme gives each entrepreneur valuable knowledge and insights into business. This has a ripple effect in the communities where it’s held, encouraging more people to explore their ‘inner entrepreneur’ and ultimately helping uplift the economic potential  in these areas

Sasol partnered with Raizcorp, to bring Pitch & Polish to the communities in which they operate.

Sasol ChemCity, Sasol’s enterprise development vehicle, facilitated the competition, using the opportunity to both share essential entrepreneurial skills, as well as identify viable entrepreneurial opportunities that they could potentially incubate in these communities.

Know how to pitch your idea

After guidance and polishing, Sibeko was able to deliver a clearly defined and structured pitch, which demonstrated the depth of knowledge and insight he has in his business and the industry.

His company helps solve the problem of unnecessary waste filling landfills by extracting the recyclable materials and selling it on. His business:

  • Creates employment
  • Has capacity to grow
  • Assists the country with its waste burden.
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