SA Entrepreneurs Fly the Flag High

SA Entrepreneurs Fly the Flag High


Two South African companies were recognised at the biennial Endeavour Entrepreneur Summit, held in June in San Francisco.

South African Carlo Gonzaga of Taste Holdings won the Endeavour Advocate Award for South Africa.

The award is given to men and women who are not only successful entrepreneurs, but have contributed greatly to Endeavor itself in a variety of ways, including:

  • Speaking at entrepreneurship events on Endeavor’s behalf
  • Donating financially to the organization
  • Mentoring fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs
  • Serving as Endeavor Board Members.

Gonzaga’s Taste Holdings also received the “Most Jobs Created by Year-End 2012” award. Taste Holdings created 8 500 jobs in South Africa.

Taste Holdings was also a runner up in the “Highest Absolute Growth in Revenue (2010-2012)” category. The company had a year-on-year growth in revenue of 66% in 2013.

Another Endeavor South Africa Entrepreneur, Cyntia Mkhombo of Masana, was a runner up in the “Highest Absolute Growth in Jobs (2010-2012)” category.

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