SARS Says “Don’t Be Late!”

SARS Says “Don’t Be Late!”


SARS has warned taxpayers to adhere to a new deadline of 28 March for all outstanding payments.

Spokesperson Adrian Lackay said the deadline for payments for the current financial year was 31 March. However, the date fell on a Sunday and 29 March would be Easter Friday.

“To eliminate uncertainty and avoid any risk of late payment, SARS urges all taxpayers to make payments at commercial banks by no later than 14:00 on 28 March,” said Lackay.

He warned taxpayers using the eFiling system to issue instructions for payment before 18:00 on 28 March, or else the transaction would not be made on the same day, which would result in penalties.

“SARS is expecting significant volumes on the final day – almost R35bn was collected at the same stage last year – and urges taxpayers to avoid this last-minute rush.”

Alison Job
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