SchoemanLaw Shakes Up The Legal Industry To The Benefits Of SMEs

SchoemanLaw Shakes Up The Legal Industry To The Benefits Of SMEs



In an entrepreneur’s life, access to speedy and reliable legal services are crucial. Legal solutions must keep up with the pace of a business and if it can’t, the reality is that it is not considered at all.  If not considered, there is a real risk which, statistically, is one of the main causes of business failure.  In the case of a start-up or SME, this often means the end of an idea or a dream.

According to Nicolene Schoeman-Louw, the Managing Director of SchoemanLaw Inc, “The fact is that for too long legal services have been out of reach for many SME’s and start-ups.  As a result, many have gone without these essential services, often with dire long-term consequences, or have resorted to using free templates from unreliable sources with no guidance on use or completion thereof.  So, even if documents were obtained – they are often incorrectly utilised or completed, which renders it completely useless.”

This led to the creation of the SchoemanLaw SME Self- Service Desk TM which aims to address this and fill the gap by providing an affordable and reliable professional solution to start-ups and SME’s.

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The firm is an innovative Cape Town based law firm, who are launching this disruptive technology. The launch, where the solution will be made available directly to the public, is scheduled for 1 December 2017.

SchoemanLaw is partnering with SME promotions and development agency, the Western Cape Business Opportunities Forum (WECBOF) on this initiative.  WECBOF has as its main objective the sustainable growth and advancement of small businesses in the Western Cape.

Says WECBOF’s CEO, Arifa Parkar, our partnership with SchoemanLaw is testament to the fact that we are serious about seeing the small business sector thrive.  Our economy is so reliant on seeing entrepreneurship flourish and take the lead on employment creation and innovation.

“The first step towards doing that, though, is to get the basics, such as essential services, right before they can go on to achieve great things”, she concluded.

All the documents have been hand crafted by a team of experts who focus on serving the needs of entrepreneurs, and therefore, the user will enjoy all the benefits of a professionally constructed legal document or agreement without the expensive price tag.

“This is disruptive technology challenging the status quo of the legal profession and how entrepreneurs and attorneys interact with one another” says Nicolene Schoeman-Louw.

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