Solutions to Improve Productivity

Solutions to Improve Productivity


With a mandate to increase the number of jobs in the country, Productivity SA offers voluntary programmes, funded by government, to turnaround struggling business and assist existing businesses to improve operations and cut costs, thereby making them more competitive and possibly giving them the boost needed to enter the global market. Speaking at a recent seminar on workplace challenges and turnaround solutions, Productivity SA highlighted two of its flagship programmes.

The Workplace Challenge Programme

This programme focuses on best operating practices, world-class competitiveness and workplace relations. It is aimed at helping stable manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forestry and service businesses in South Africa improve their competitiveness. The Workplace Challenge Toolkit comprises eight modules that are implemented over a two year period. The programmes improves company performance in terms of quality, cost, delivery and motivation.

Some of the results include:

  • Quality problems are resolved, leading to better quality products delivered to customers
  • Delivery problems get attention, leading to more reliable delivery according to promises
  • Waste is reduces, leading to improved cost, productivity and competitiveness
  • Shopfloor employees acquire skills and competence, leading to better morale, loyalty and performance.

Turnaround Solutions

This programme is aimed at struggling companies who are contemplating job losses and concerned about the threat of closure. Up to 65% of the consulting costs are covered by the government. The Turnaround Solutions provide technical assistance and support, and provide training on how to improve productivity amongst other aspects. The programme will assist companies in developing strategies to turn the company around and improves the company’s performance through better marketing, operations, management, HR and financial strategies.

Productivity SA also offers a Proactive Turnaround Solution for companies who are not experiencing a decline, but would like to improve productivity and sustain profitability. The programme aims to assess a company’s performance and detect early signs of decline, build capacity and training, identify and train productivity champions who will help sustain the profitability of the company and foster collaboration between employers and employees.

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