Spoil Yourself, You Deserve It

Spoil Yourself, You Deserve It



You can’t remember the last time you had a holiday or went shopping or took time out for yourself. You have a vague recollection of going into a shopping centre but that was just to buy groceries. It was while you were mindlessly standing in a painstakingly slow queue that you made the decision – it’s time for a long-awaited much-deserved holiday.

With your World MasterCard, it was the easiest decision you could make. You chose your dream destination and planned your exclusive World MasterCard Priceless offers and you have finally arrived to enjoy this luxurious getaway.

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After a leisurely breakfast, sans laptop or any other distractions, you’ve made the executive decision to go shopping for items that are not food-related. You’re lured in by the foreign accents, the trendy salesmen and the display cabinets and eventually settle on a gorgeous new watch. Something you would never consider buying back home, but after much self-justification, you’ve decided you’ve earned it.

And while walking back to your hotel, there’s no need to hide the fact that you’ve splashed out. No stooping forward, avoiding eye contact with anyone in case your bag is snatched. Lift your head up high, keep that new-purchase smile on your face, World MasterCard has you covered! You’re protected in case of theft or accidental damage for up to 90 days from date of purchase. You’re also covered for up to $3 000 per claim and a maximum of $20 000 over a 12-month period.

If you’ve managed to trip up the Spanish Steps in Italy and smash your new purchase, dry your eyes! Thanks to your World MasterCard you can either get a new item to replace the damaged one or receive compensation for the total value.

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Happy travelling and safe shopping.

Terms and conditions apply. Ask your bank for a World MasterCard or visit www.mastercard.co.za/world to find out more.

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