Start-Ups That See Opportunities Where Others See a Crisis

Start-Ups That See Opportunities Where Others See a Crisis


Entrepreneur and business incubator, Pavlo Phitidis has identified eight types of entrepreneurs who see the potential in even the most dire situations.

It’s a key trait which entrepreneurs have and it’s something that Pavlo will focus on when selecting candidates for this year’s 702/CapeTalk Business Accelerator with Nedbank. Pavlo refers to the first category as the BAD NEWS BUSTERS.

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“If you are turning bad news into good news and building a growing business from doing it, you’re a Bad News Buster. Crime, health, education, energy, water – all crises in South Africa lend themselves to great entrepreneurial solutions,” says Pavlo.

An example of such a company is Bundu Power, a business which focuses on electricity, sustainability and technology, spearheaded by Nicholas von Broembsen.

The company offers a range of generators which run on petrol or diesel, or natural and LP gas. In addition to the generators, the company supplies solar panels, borehole pumps and solar hybrid systems.

The idea, Nicholas explains, is to enable consumers and businesses to avoid the current dependence on the national water and electricity supplies.

Customers range from households to industrial factories and Bundu provides a range of products to suit requirements and budgets.

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Bundu has become a reputable company that offers the best service at reasonable prices.

This company is definitely taking the energy crisis and turned it into a business opportunity.

To read more about Bundu Power: click here

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