TEDxCapeTown 2016 Opens Call For Speakers

TEDxCapeTown 2016 Opens Call For Speakers


Already in its sixth year, TEDxCapeTown 2016 will aim to highlight various perspectives and is seeking a diverse range of speakers to open the discussion and share ‘Ideas worth Spreading’. As a non-profit organisation, TEDxCapeTown continues to challenge perceptions and engage its audience in worthwhile and forward thinking conversations.

The main event takes place on Saturday, 15 October 2016 at Ratanga Junction. 2016 audience members will also have a chance to engage with past speakers in the week leading up to the main event.

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This year, TEDxCapeTown 2016 is ‘Here/Hear to listen’

Perspective — you have yours and I have mine. To understand one another, I will have to leave my “here” to curiously step into your “there”. In doing this, I broaden my view and I grow.

But to address and understand different perspectives, I need to listen, really listen, and be present — both physically and mentally. Only by being present in the moment, can I fully receive all the information you are sharing with me. I hear what you are saying.

You can nominate a speaker 

Please only nominate Speakers that you believe are truly outstanding and who are ‘not to be missed’ at this year’s event.

Interested in speaking? Visit the speaker page to apply

Links below are highlights from last year’s event: TEDxCapeTown 2015: (Open [Access) Control]. Click to hear about the experience of past speakers.

In case you aren’t 100% sure what TED or TEDx is, watch this 73 second video we made to help you.

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While TEDxCapeTown provides the platform for sharing ideas it is the community’s responsibility to spread these ideas. Whether it’s clicking to share online or conversations you have in between sessions or days after the show, listen carefully and take the time to understand the perspective of all those in our TEDx community.

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