What Will Budget 2012 Hold?

What Will Budget 2012 Hold?


With the annual Budget speech just around the corner, predictions are rife and economists wait with baited breath to analyse and discuss the implications it will likely have for the South African economy and of course, for businesses across industries in 2012.

For the local entrepreneur – essentially the country’s economic power force – verbalising hopes and expectations publically for Budget, for Government consideration, becomes more and more critical each year. And so it is with this premise in mind that entrepreneurial business Dariel Solutions shares its hopes for Budget 2012, especially in light of the commitment reiterated in the State of the Nation Address.

Infrastructural investment

“We are hoping for further investment in infrastructure, and of course education and skills development – particularly around science, mathematics and technology training,” says Malcolm Rabson, MD of Dariel Solutions. “Last year we were pleased at the investment pledge of R800 billion over the next three years in infrastructure and the R10 billion for job creation, small enterprise development and youth employment. We look forward to the Minister’s overview of success to date, and are hoping for more budget this year to continue this momentum.”

Dariel Solutions is dedicated to growing the right skills and developing the IT knowledge base to propel South Africa in becoming a software powerhouse – which is why infrastructure and skills development investment from a government perspective nationally is so key.

IT necessary for development

Similarity, there are many critical factors that play a role in meeting Government growth objectives. One such factor is IT investment which is key in mining, transport, community services and trade to name just a few sectors.

“Without fundamental IT infrastructure investment, talking job creation to fight poverty for example – amidst many other social, health and global economic challenges – is futile. Our hope is that Government places large scale budget commitments to an industry that has typically been shrouded by buzz words, empty promises and ROI limitations.

Today IT has earned its place and is considered (and proven) a key business driver and enabler to develop businesses of all sizes – operationally. The President again reiterates the importance of public/private partnerships, and surely this includes the estimated 1.5 million small businesses in the country? Certainly we support this premise and look forward to contributing to SA’s growth as an IT powerhouse across Africa and abroad,” concludes Rabson.

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