Why You Should Be Marketing for Long Term Growth

Why You Should Be Marketing for Long Term Growth


Chief of the Catalyst Seed Academy, Donna Rachelson, who will be speaking at the upcoming SA Business Excellence Forum, says that the biggest mistake small businesses owners make is to focus on marketing tactics before thinking about strategy.

Identify the right customer

Without a good strategy, implementing marketing tactics can be a wasted investment of money. The most important strategy element is to identify the ideal customer for a business so that marketing can be developed to target that type of person.

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In Rachelson’s view, the current economic climate has dictated a change in the definition of marketing.

“The goal is to find people who have a need for your offering and to help them to know and trust you – and then buy from you and become your brand ambassadors.”

Embrace digital

Another feature of effective marketing that business leaders need to embrace is digital.

“The starting point is a strong website that represents your brand and which is effective for achieving its intended objectives. Everything else in the online realm needs to link to this,” says Rachelson.

She adds that marketing also has a role with existing customers, but says that for both new and existing customers, good marketing doesn’t always have to be expensive.

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