Win an IMX Team ‘Innerview’ Team Coaching and Assessment

Win an IMX Team ‘Innerview’ Team Coaching and Assessment


Riaad Isaacs and Gavin Friedman founded The SOAR Institute on the principle of creating new possibilities for individuals and organisations by shifting the way people observe their environment and colleagues, their attitudes and beliefs, and create new contexts for success and sustainability.

The four core principles of S.O.A.R (SuccessOpportunity, Action and Result) make up the process of ‘immersion’ so that teams can achieve fundamental change, growth and fulfilment.

Getting the best results from your team

One of the transforming team coaching and assessment courses which Riaad and Gavin present is called the IMX InnerView. The ‘Innerview’ provides insight into the intangible aspects of a team to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of that team.

In order to get the best results from any team, it’s important to understand the following:

  • Team balance
  • Thinking styles
  • Personal styles
  • Motivations
  • Levels of knowledge and experience
  • Preferred culture.

Synergy and Polarising

Situational Intelligence’ refers to a person’s decision making style which can influence positively or negatively situations.These styles are referred to as  ’head’, ’hand’, and ‘heart’, also known as strategic or structural thinking, tactical or practical thinking, personal thinking and empathetic thinking. We have the ability to consciously override the subconscious mind by ‘thinking about thinking’. The majority of our day we forget to consciously consider out thoughts and where we inevitably default back to the control of our subconscious mind.

Often, when people with the same decision making style come together they work in synergy with each other, on the other hand when people with different decision making styles work together their decisions conflict (polarise).

The closing segment of the course is a team analysis addressing the synergies and polarities which exist for your thinking style and those of your colleagues so that you can effectively achieve the objective and goal as a team and for the organisation as a whole.

Go onto The SOAR Institute Facebook pagelike it  and you will be put in to a draw where you and your team of 8-10 members stand a chance to win a IMX Team Innerview with Gavin Friedman and Riaad Isaacs.

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