Win Double Bok-test-match Tickets by Sharing your Digital Marketing Thoughts

Win Double Bok-test-match Tickets by Sharing your Digital Marketing Thoughts


Is online marketing a necessity in your business?

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Modern customers interact online, check prices, read reviews, view ratings and discuss companies (and brands) before purchases are made. Increasingly we live in a digitally-connected “always on” world, with information and interaction central to where, when and why customers buy.

The problem, of course, is that the Digital Marketing industry as a whole (agencies, individuals, experts and such) does not always understand your business well enough to deliver the kind of value you expect.

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Digital Marketing is sold (and rightly so) as offering detailed tracking of exactly what you are spending your budget on.

And that is fair enough. However, and this is where the rubber meets the road, the entities responsible for managing your digital investment do not always dig deeper than surface data to explain and show you what is, and what is not, effective in terms of ROI on your marketing spend.

Often promises are made that are difficult to keep, given your budget, the competitive landscape, the industry you operate in.

Often, business owners and company executives alike feel they are not getting enough bang for their buck when it comes to marketing in an online world and can it be confusing to understand how all the elements of a digital campaign should work together in order to deliver on the ultimate goal of any campaign . . . generating quality leads.

In this 12 question survey, Net Media Planet (NMP) and Entrepreneur Magazine want to understand your current status quo and expectations in relation to your organisation’s digital marketing activities.

The questions are short, multiple choice and easy to answer in 2 minutescovering topics such as:

  1. What your current Digital Marketing Investment is focused on
  2. Which elements are most critical to successful marketing ROI (in your business)
  3. Your biggest campaign pain points / frustrations
  4. Your status as an industry thought leader
  5. Your thoughts on website mobility

>> Complete this short survey to win

Your input will allow us to get an idea of the Digital Marketing landscape in South Africa, as seen through the eyes of our nation’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

It will allow NMP to produce a report on shortcomings (and achievements) of the Digital industry as a whole and, of course, give us an indication of where we should be focusing our efforts on.

In the end, Digital Marketing success is heavily dependent on close partnerships between companies and their agencies / digital resources. It is only by closely working together, analysing data sets and making smart business decisions that campaign goals can be reached, and that the full bouquet of digital marketing’s benefits become tangible . . . and predictable.

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Win Springbok Test Match Tickets

Another benefit of you taking part in this survey, of course, is the possibility of winning one of 3 double-tickets to a Springboks home test match in next year’s Rugby Championship.

Winners will be announced on Friday, 6 November.

We look forward to revealing some survey results (and our winners) then.

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