Women are Building Bridges – Literally

Women are Building Bridges – Literally


The construction industry is very much a man’s world, and we’re pleased to see that women entrepreneurs are beginning to make their presence felt in this highly competitive industry. Coinciding with Women’s Month, the South African Women in Construction (SAWIC) initiative is celebrating its 12th anniversary

SAWIC was founded in 1997 to help women access contracts, training, finance and networks in the construction industry. It’s a national association of women entrepreneurs, including women employed in all areas of construction, from skilled trades to business ownership, with international affiliation to the National Association of Women in Construction in America and Australia.

Did you know?

  • Women have been commercially oppressed for many years
  • Women have been building comfort zones for many years – physically and functionally
  • Government has made women emancipation a priority
  • SAWIC is directly aligned with Government programmes such as ASGI-SA (Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for SA)

The South African Constitution and Equity Act requires that women be employed in all sectors of the economy, but a fresh approach was needed to deal with some outdated stereotypes. It’s part of SAWIC’s mandate to address this and other issues on behalf of its members.

Women needing assistance and/or information about opportunities within the construction industry can visit: http://www.sawic.org/

To read an inspirational story about a woman entrepreneur in the construction industry, read this article from our May 2012 Entrepreneur magazine.

Alison Job
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