You Only Live Once, Make It Count

You Only Live Once, Make It Count


It takes months to plan a holiday and you can’t imagine the day will ever come when you’re locking up your home and loading the car with your luggage. The holiday discussion around the dinner table occurs daily and the children’s excitement levels are something that you’ve only seen in movies.

And how ironic is it that when you are finally enjoying your well-deserved break, after a few days you find yourself thinking of all your work back home, packing your bag and of course, the dreaded long flight back home.

And if you thought packing your bag was the hardest part, you find the constant ‘do we really have to go home Dad? Can’t we stay longer?’ questions on repeat are even harder.

If we know one thing, it’s that children are notorious for getting their own way, which is why we know you will check with work to see if they can manage without you for just a few more days.

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We also know you won’t tell the family and get their hopes up. And we know there’s no need to speak to your wife because she’s made it quite clear she never wants to leave her sun lounger. Plus, if you really think about it, you still haven’t had a chance to go snorkelling or go on that fishing excursion that you were adamant you were going to do.

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