Here’s Why Ethiopia Is Pizza Hut’s Latest Investment

While it hasn’t been on many franchise’s radars as a fast food destination, Ethiopia is quietly becoming an attractive investment for major restaurant chains.

The Legalities Of Shutting Down Your Business

Circumstances may lead to you deciding that it’s time to shut down your business. This is not unusual in the entrepreneurship lifecycle, but do you know what the legal consequences are?

“Should I Look Into An Established Or Emerging Franchise?” – 3...

Choosing a winning franchise is crucial for your first big business investment. You need to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of sticking to a recognised name or investing in a trendy newcomer.

Cash In On South Africa’s Burgeoning Second-Hand Goods Market

You don’t have to open a thrift shop to attract the millennial consumer. They’re attracted to bargains from stores you may have turned your nose up to as investment options – second-hand shops and online marketplaces.

Krispy Kreme Remains Triumphant Despite The Strain Of International Brands In...

Following a recent article by Moneyweb highlighting the “hefty costs of global brands” and the strain this has placed on large holding companies, Krispy Kreme South Africa and franchise holding company Fournews have a different story to share.

Current Challenges Faced By New Franchisees

As the South African economy continues to navigate economic challenges; the knock-on effect on consumers is one of the main issues keeping new franchisees awake at night.

Ocean Basket’s Top Lessons Learnt From 21 Years Of Being In...

Ocean Basket started off with just six tables in a 60 square metre restaurant. Today there are over 201 restaurants in 16 countries around the globe. Entrepreneur spoke to CEO Grace Harding about how Ocean Basket has gone from a Pretoria deli/restaurant, to a seafood powerhouse worldwide.

Take That Coffee Break With The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group

The Daily Coffee Café Franchise Group is a fast-growing and truly South African owned coffee café franchise.





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