Great Service At Entry Level

Sometimes in our country you find great customer service at the lowest rung on our economy.

On The Forecast With His Troops

A Cape garage owner leads by example.

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen Now In South Africa (It’s About Time)

The iconic American restaurant brand, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, will soon serve authentic Louisiana-inspired chicken in South Africa.

Your First Impression Shouldn’t Be Your Last

How do customers view their experience with you?

7 Steps To Optimise Your Cycle Of Customer Service

Anticipate what your next contact moment will be with your customer, plan for it and train staff to be up to speed.

Show Me The Funny

It’s a risk trying to be funny in your customer communications, because it muddies your message and if you aren’t actually funny, it becomes a double fail. But some businesses are able to nail it.

The Worst Restaurant In The World And Why We Loved It

Almost any barrier is surmountable when you’re offering quality products, great value and sincere human connections.

How To Distinguish Yourself By Being The Fastest

In a competitive landscape, it’s often the quickest respondents who win the day.

3 Questions You Should Answer ‘Yes’ To Before Franchising Your Business

So, you’re ready to turn your successful independent business into a franchise. But, here are a few variables to consider before you embark on building a franchise empire.





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