Entrepreneur Mag August 2012

Entrepreneur Mag August 2012


How to Build a R500 Million Business in 10 Years

A R500 million company, staggering growth and domination of a sector. Not bad going for two entrepreneurs who started with nothing. But then as Ran Neu-Ner and Gil Oved say, “We’ve always bitten off more than we can chew – and then chewed like hell.”

The Z Generation

South Africa’s future workforce is gearing up to enter the working world. But are you ready for them?

Super-Size Your Sales

Great businesses are built on strong sales figures. Here’s how you can find – and retain – loyal customers.

Best Learning Feature

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Here’s how to empower them through life-long learning.

Hatching Business Ideas

It’s not always about having a proprietary product or service.

Managing a Turnaround

According to a D&B study, 90% of failed businesses close voluntarily. Faced with tough business conditions, many entrepreneurs believe that their only option is to admit defeat. We show you how to turn it around.

Implement High-Impact Studies

How to take your strategy workshops from good to great.

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