Entrepreneur Mag Dec 2012

Entrepreneur Mag Dec 2012


Run Your Business Like Branson

Fuelled by frustration with the status quo, Richard Branson built his Virgin Group empire attacking verticals that had long been dominated by lumbering legacy companies. Now he’s extending his entrepreneurial philosophies to a new market that’s out of this world.

Brands of distinction

It’s been a tough, busy year, but as 2012 draws to a close, isn’t it time to treat yourself? Unwind and enjoy the finer things in life with Entrepreneur’s collection of premier brands. These must-haves for the new year include a cutting edge luxury MPV sports car, premium wines and whiskies and high-performance electronics.

12 Common reasons start-ups fail and how to avoid them

The early stages of business’s lifecycles are said to be the toughest, and it’s usually when many fail. We’ve taken an expert look  at where many start-ups go wrong, and what you can do to change your fate.

10 of the best of 2012

Sharpen your company’s competitive edge with the assistance of leader’s across a range of fields from innovation, decision-making and financial management to wealth creation.

Beyond stardom

There are celebrities who manage to make a successful transition to life-after-stardom – and for many of them entrepreneurship is the key.

Growing entrepreneurship in South Africa

Smes are the lifeblood of South Africa’s economy and big business is realising that sustainable growth can only be achieved if businesses big and small work together. This inaugural impact 2012 feature celebrates the corporate entities that are making a real impact on the SME sector.

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