Entrepreneur Mag July 2011

Entrepreneur Mag July 2011


3 Ways to Build a High Profit Company

From shelf-packer to CEO of Famous Brands, Kevin Hedderwick took a successful but small family business on the growth ride of its life, turning it into a R4 billion industry and developing some of the country’s most loved food brands along the way.

Strategic Planning and Business Growth Guide

Strategic planning may be critically important to the growth of all businesses, but more often than not it exists in name only: strategic planning meetings that are created, filed and never looked at again, and ‘big picture’ thinking falls by the wayside in favour of daily issues.

Accessing Working Capital

The term ‘factoring’ has long been a dirty word in business. Connotations of companies that are fighting to stay alive and business owners who have sold their souls to financiers have resulted in this valuable tool often being overlooked. But South Africa’s four main banks are working hard to change this perception.

Are Your Really Ready To Launch?

Three key questions to ask yourself before you start your own business.

Commercial Vehicles Special Feature

All you need to know about fleet costs, vehicle selection and fleet management.

Planning (and persistence) Pays.

With the right mindset you can raise all the money you need.

Hot List: Technology Buyers Guide

Leading IT and technology solutions that will make your business faster, more productive and geared for growth.

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