Entrepreneur Mag Nov 2012

Entrepreneur Mag Nov 2012


Looking with the Other Lens

Allon Raiz, founder of highly successful world-renowned business incubator Raizcorp, has a handwritten note in his office that reads: ‘How are you standing in the way of Raizcorp’s growth?’ He’s enjoyed his fair share of successes, but he’s also learnt some hard lessons along his entrepreneurial journey and been forced to recognise when his own logic and perceptions have stood in the way of his business’s growth.

Make mistakes work for you

Oops, my bad! Five ways your business can improve by admitting mistakes.

Maximise your retail sales

The top 5 things that will get your customers buying from you…or walking out of your store.

Planning for success

Ten top reasons why first-time entrepreneurs fail – and how to avoid them.

Small business. Big opportunity

To thrive, businesses must reach markets. For many SMEs, large companies are important customers. When a business becomes a corporate supplier, the opportunities for growth are considerable.

Stop stress in its tracks

Effectively manage stress with these five simple tools.

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