Entrepreneur Mag October 2012

Entrepreneur Mag October 2012


Master Classes From Our Digital Gurus

Low cost solutions for every business and digital strategies that will boost sales and grow your business. Our experts spill the beans.

Calculate the lifetime value of a customer

Devise a successful marketing strategy based on the actual value of your customers.

Build a profitable consulting firm

Four strategies that will take your business from a small consultancy to a large, profit-making business.

What investors really want

Unlearn assumptions about funding start-ups.

Hot List: Hello the future

Businesses that embrace technology are not only geared for growth – they’re faster, more flexible and hold the competitive edge. Boost your business with the latest tech today.

Master the art of collecting your cash

Hate making collection calls? Here is how to do them right.

How not to start a business

Getting the fundamentals right can mean the difference between make or break

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