Entrepreneur Mag Mar 2011

Entrepreneur Mag Mar 2011


Mike Renzon Built & Sold R120 million Business In 8 Years

Instead of retiring, he’s at it again; only this time he’s doing it bigger, better and faster.

Maximise your ROI with Social Media Marketing

Leverage the power of social media and maximise your ROI with powerful campaigns that will boost your traffic, promote your brand, and grow leads and sales.

Use Your Voice to Improve your Prospects

Communication is fundamental to success in business and in life. And yes, theories and methodologies are important, but lets get down to basics-without a voice that vocalises professionalism, friendliness and confidence, your message will fall on deaf ears.

Turning Promising Ventures into High-Growth Companies

Entrepreneurial success can be broken down into two components: who you know and your will to reach your goals. Incubators run by passionate local entrepreneurs are proving that achieving greatness is possible if you believe it to be – whether you belong to an incubator or not.

Special Features: Exec Travel & HR

Take a look into current pressing labour issues and find out how to save on costs and implement effective travel policies.

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