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The world – and South Africa – is in turbulent times, a fact that our columnists and profiles are not ignoring.

However, in true entrepreneurial style, this doesn’t mean doom or gloom, but rather a shifting of focus to determine where the opportunities lie. For every challenge, there is an enterprising business that is finding a way to turn that challenge into an opportunity. Some of the world’s most robust businesses were launched under tight economic conditions, and we regularly feature companies on our cover who first starting operating during the 2008 recession.

Andrew Brand, this month’s cover profile, is no exception. His advertising agency, 99c was launched in 2008, just as the recession was starting to be felt in South Africa. Nine years later, his business employs over 280 people, and has a turnover of R175 million.

Andrew’s first client was Checkers – a contract he managed to secure as a two-man team with no employees, premises or equipment. In the final pitch meeting, Whitey Basson himself attended, and ultimately made the call to take a chance on 99c. Why? Andrew believes that there were two key factors influencing the decision. One, he had a pre-existing relationship with Checkers through his old agency, built on trust and hard work. Two, their eyes shone more. “We could never outspend our out-powerpoint other agencies, but our eyes shone more,” he says. That level of passion is contagious, and tends to excite clients as well.

Through passion, Andrew has built a dedicated team that works hard to over-deliver for all of their clients. This and other lessons are unpacked in this month’s cover profile.

If you’re worried about the economy, local and international politics and social upheavals and how they may impact your business in the coming months, this issue has been designed to not only alleviate those worries, but give you valuable tools and insights into making the most of tough economic times.

Believe it or not, difficult times often offer the best opportunities – provided you know how to harness them. ActionCOACH’s Harry Welby-Cooke, Ed Hatton and local entrepreneurs Nic Haralambous and Greg Tinkler offer various ways to continue to grow in turbulent times.

We also address the issue of finance and funding. A new column by Darlene Menzies, an entrepreneur who has successfully raised venture capital from eight different VCs over the past five years, unpacks how a growing business can access growth funding that suits their needs. In addition, Jason Newmark, founder of Plan My Wedding, one of the businesses that received investor backing in South Africa’s inaugural Shark Tank, gives his six lessons in becoming funding-ready. The most surprising lesson: You can actually do it yourself, without an investor.

Keep your head up, focus on the opportunities that lie ahead, and enjoy our June issue.

What’s in the June 2017 Issue?



From zero to R175 million: Andrew Brand’s 10 growth lessons for making it in a cut-throat industry.

The How-Tos

  • 6 Lessons for becoming Shark Tank funding-ready
  • Inside the Mind of Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos
  • Build your business to run effectively without you
  • 15-year study reveals one telling trait shared by self-made millionaires
  • The Cash Converters R500 million success story
  • 5 Things every entrepreneur should do before 7am.

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