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Disruption and innovation: Two of the most over-used words in business circles, and yet the most important concepts for your ultimate business growth and success.

In this month’s issue, innovation and disruption play a major role in our articles. We’ve all heard the stories of how Kodak failed to embrace digital cameras, and Blockbuster passed up the opportunity to buy Netflix, relegating both businesses to the annuls of history.

They’re a warning used in countless business courses and books, designed to teach business owners to pay attention to market changes, and to not assume that what worked then will continue to work in the future.

These dire warnings have given rise to the idea that if you want to become a market leader – or maintain your position as a market leader – you need to be willing to disrupt yourself as well.

The team at AutoTrader, this month’s cover profile, made the decision to transform their business model at the height of their success. They were selling over 108 thousand copies of the magazine per month, and they were capped at 1 000 pages because their printers couldn’t bind a larger magazine.

Who would make the decision to start a process that would phase out print completely in favour of a digital model? As it turned out, George Mienie and his team – against the advice of highly paid consultants, who believed South Africa was many years away from a true Internet revolution.

The transformation took ten years, and the last print publication was printed in March of this year. If they hadn’t started the process then, they wouldn’t be market leaders today. It’s that simple.

Continuing with our theme of disruption and innovation, Douglas Kruger, author of the new book They’re Your Rules, Break Them! 50 Ways to Smash Silos, Bust Bureaucracy and Create a High-Performance Culture, unpacks three simple ways that you can instil an innovative DNA within your organisation’s culture.

His solutions are an incredibly interesting though exercise for your teams. For example, imagine you called your management team into the boardroom and told them that the old way of doing things had been outlawed. How could the company continue to service the same need? Everyone would have to step away, think outside the box, and develop new solutions – some of which might prove to be massive cost-savers or game changers.

Finally, if you’re looking for a healthy dose of inspiration, then look no further than Edward Moshole, founder of Chem-Fresh, a local cleaning products manufacturer.

In 1999, Edward was a cleaner with R68 to his name. But he had spotted a gap: Good quality detergents significantly improved a cleaner’s job and ability to deliver results. He set about launching his own business, with the ultimate aim to manufacture top quality cleaning products. Today that business has a turnover of R25 million, and he has a wealth of experience to share with fellow entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the issue!

Enjoy the issue – and start fostering your own disruptive mind-set!

What’s in the August 2017 Issue?



Shifting gears

Ten years ago, at the height of its success as a print publication, AutoTrader made the strategic decision to transform itself into a digital business.

Today, digital revenues are R185 million, and the business is poised for exponential growth. CEO George Mienie unpacks the mindset and steps AutoTrader followed to completely disrupt its own business model and become the digital market leader it is today.

How R68 can become a R25 Million business

Edward Moshole is an ex-cleaner who spotted a business opportunity and went for it, even though he only had R68 to his name at the time. This is how he’s built Chem-Fresh, a top-quality local cleaning products manufacturing firm.

Becoming Bankable
Three must-have foundations your start-up will need to attract investors and secure finance.  


  • Psychology of success Spend just one hour a day for a month on these brain hacks to achieve life-long success
  • Inspiration Dr Liz Gwyther on honesty always being the best policy


  • Disruption How to profit from constrained consumption
  • Going global How to open an international office
  • Opportunities Say Yes!
  • Leadership Don’t be reasonable
  • Funding Funding expansion within your business
  • Operations Putting your business in their hands
  • Boardroom Leave your ego at the door

Special Feature

Best learning
In today’s competitive environment, businesses and individuals need every edge they can find. Remember, what got you here won’t get you there, so make sure you remain on top of your game.


  • Rapid Expansion Edward Moshole started a business in 1999 with just R68 in his pocket – now his business is worth R25 Million+
  • Cash Flow When cash is king…
  • Innovation 3 Ways to grow your culture of innovation
  • HR Getting the most from your employees
  • Productivity There’s an app for that 

Launch Pad

  • Venture Capital The truth about funding
  • Self Development Continuous at a start-up
  • Connections The social network of Redlife Marketing
  • Funding If you’re planning on securing funding – you will need to know this
  • Research Research: The start-ups secret
  • Ask Al Answering your burning start-up questions
  • Foundations Michelle Royston of WAXIT – the foundation of great success
  • Business Unusual The edge of chaos.

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