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At Entrepreneur, we believe that entrepreneurship will be the driving force of the future. Already, it’s a sector that corporates are looking to as one of their largest growing client bases, and prospective employees are targeting as desired employers.

Futurist Clem Sunter has stated that if we want to create 5 million jobs, we need to focus on facilitating the creation of 1 million new businesses. Entrepreneurship is often seen as the solution to a struggling secondary and tertiary education system. But it’s also so much more than that.

The beauty of entrepreneurship and business ownership is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

Take Joyce Mnguni as an example. Joyce left South Africa in her early 20s working on luxury cruise liners. She wanted to travel the world. Today she runs a successful wedding planning business from Mexico. It wasn’t easy. She couldn’t speak Spanish and when she tried to find employment in her chosen field no resort would hire her because she wasn’t local. Her only option was to start her own business. She was scared. It was a big leap out of her comfort zone. And it was the best decision she’s ever made. Today she regularly travels to South Africa to mentor other young South Africans. She has learnt that anyone can follow their dreams, and it’s a message she wants to share.

Entrepreneurship is also collaborative. It’s a way to bridge so many of the divides that still plague our country. Oresti Patricios, founder of leading media information provider Ornico Group, says that the mentor/mentee relationship is not only important from a business sense, but in the right context it can bridge social, cultural and generational divides. 

He has a wealth of experience to share in terms of finding and working with the right mentors and mentees, but he also believes that it’s a symbiotic relationship that both parties should learn and benefit from. He says that the best mentor/mentee relationships cross boundaries – cultural, age, backgrounds and experiences. That’s how you can share ideas and perspectives, and hopefully both grow. And that’s how entrepreneurship is working towards building a society that works for a common goal of growth and inclusion.

It also has the power to change lives, for entrepreneurs, and those they help. Our cover profile this month, Marnus Broodryk, left Harrismith with R37 000 in a rented bakkie. He was 22 years old. He’d spent the last four years working in a filing room, learning the ins and outs of an accounting firm and paying for his studies. He had no social life. He knew that if he didn’t make that experience pay off, it would be wasted years, and so he launched The BeanCounter. Today it isn’t one of South Africa’s largest accounting firms, but it is one of the most profitable. Marnus was also the youngest Shark on South Africa’s Shark Tank. 

Fintech start-up Zoona is proving that doing good and making money are not mutually exclusive. They’ve developed a model that allows grassroots entrepreneurs to become agents for the brand, uplifting themselves and their communities in the process. 

Every month we’re inspired by the people we feature in our magazine. We know you will be too!

Enjoy the issue!

What’s in the March 2017 Issue?


Millionaire Mindset

Small-town boy Marnus Broodryk le Harrismith when he was 22 years old with R37 000 in his bank account. Two years later he’d made his first million. We take a look into the mind of the man who is South Africa’s youngest investor in Shark Tank.

Off-loading the Overload

Matsi Modise understands the pressures of entrepreneurial life. This is how she stays efficient, effective and filled with energy.

R250 Million In VC Funding

Zoona bootstrapped in the early days, but has since attracted a range of different investors. Here’s why funders are clamouring to be involved in the Zoona story, and what you can do in your own business to achieve the same.


  • Best Advice Siya Mapoko of Mapoko Research International on the best advice he ever got
  • Wealth 7 Principles for building serious wealth
  • Psychology of success Success is in your hands – these 11 experts tell you how they did it
  • Work Smarter The lovely Matsi Modise on off-loading the overload
  • Habits Are toxic habits holding you back?


  • Leadership The best leaders play well with others
  • Growth Growing smartly with Ivan Epstein of Softline and Sage
  • Expansion 3 Signs your business is ready to expand internationally
  • Management A Quest for perfection – Marissa Mayer
  • Foundations Café del Sol with quality growth
  • Funding Need growth funding? You can self-fund or you cantap into the resources on offer
  • Next Level R250 Million in VC funding – how Zoona did it

Special Feature

Are you adapting your environment to help your business grow? These latest tech innovations will help take you there.

Best Learning
In an environment that’s constantly evolving, the introduction of new technology and new practices means that a new skillset is needed. Whether you upskill yourself to become a better CEO, attend management courses to better steer your team, or expand your knowledge to become a better resource in your company, continuous learning is essential in the business world. Here’s how to continually improve yourself.


  • Human Capital Digital marketing agency – it’s all about people
  • Work-life Are you killing your business?
  • Video marketing Powerful marketing videos on a budget – is your business ready?
  • Priorities Plan, prioritise and get it done
  • Customer value Are you protecting your valuable customers?
  • Shareholders Do you own your shares? You might not.

Launch Pad

  • Start-up mindset Legacy technology conferencing asks you ‘Are you ready?’
  • Adversity Adversity is the best thing for your business: Here’s why
  • Success 8 Things every high-growth start-up needs to avoid failure and become a massive success
  • Grit Determination. The will to succeed.
  • Authenticity Be the best version of you that you can be
  • Profile Dream weddings Riviera Maya on if you can dream it, you can live it
  • Inspiration Ornica Group on not re-inventing the wheel
  • Marketing Stand out. Get noticed. 6 Reasons why influencer marketing really works.
  • Passive income 10 ways to make money while you sleep.

Anatomy of…

GJermund Nesland: As a former international kickboxer, national kickboxing team manager in Norway and entrepreneur, Gjermund Nesland has learnt how important discipline and focus are to ultimate success.

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