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January is a time for reflection, planning and goal-setting. You get to start the year energised and ready to take on the world.

This is our favourite issue of the year. It’s packed with great advice on not only dreaming big – but how to achieve those dreams.

With that in mind, we have an incredible line-up for you in this issue, starting with our cover profile, Manny Rivera. A born-and-bred New Yorker, Rivera immigrated to South Africa after marrying a South African girl. With a background in managing gyms in his home city, he quickly became a consultant for Sports Connection, who was involved in the upcoming launch of the Health and Racquet Club. There was an obvious lack of competition in the personal gym sector, but instead of being deterred by the Health and Racquet’s plans (and balance sheet), he started dreaming of his own gym chain.

With no money, no equity and no track record, he purchased his first gym in Benoni. He couldn’t buy it outright, and so he offered the owner a deal: He would pay him R50 000 a month for ten years, with a 10% annual escalation, until he owned the gym outright.

It gave him a foot in the door. He started trading, and he never stopped. From the beginning, Rivera said he was going into competition with the Health and Racquet Club. This would later change to “We’re in competition with Virgin Health Clubs,” but the vision was the same. Rivera wasn’t afraid to dream big, and today Planet Fitness is not only the fastest growing health club chain in South Africa, but Rivera will invest R500 million into the business in 2017 alone. Big dream can go a long way.

Our January issue isn’t just about inspiration though. We show you how to save on your bottom line, allowing you to make bigger profits.

We also unpack the ins and outs of a 30-hour work week, opening up more time for yourself and your employees, and giving you an edge over other businesses as a top employer brand.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, we have ten top ways to bootstrap your business (plus five entrepreneurs who have done it themselves – with no start-up capital). If you’re more established and looking for funding though, we have an in-depth article that focuses on building the perfect pitch deck to win investors over.

If you’re serious about 2017 being your best year yet, this issue is for you.

Enjoy the issue!

What’s in the January 2017 Issue?

2017_01_entrepreneur_magazine-site-coverFrom Zero To R850 Million

Manny Rivera started out with one small gym in Benoni, today it’s 46-strong. Here’s how he built Planet Fitness.

How To Make Your First Million

Anyone can be financially free; investment expert Warren Ingram shows you how.

Quadruple Your Turnover

How Demographica pivoted in a market under threat.


  • Psychology of Success Justin Cohen on how you choose to respond
  • Success 7 Secrets To Making Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True
  • Thinking Big Riaz Moola of Hyperion Development with a world of opportunities
  • Trends Dion Chang on how the future is now – with new challenges, technology and opportunities
  • Wealth How to make your first million.


  • Saving Money 6 Tactics and 18 ways to save on your bottom line in 2017


  • Scaling Up Romeo Kumalo with advice to growing your business
  • Fleet Management Keep the wheels turning – this is how
  • Growth Funding Build a winning investment case
  • Next Level Adapt and grow – Warren Moss of Demographica.

Special Feature

  • Scaling Up Romeo Kumalo with advice to growing your business
  • Fleet Management Keep the wheels turning – this is how
  • Growth Funding Build a winning investment case
  • Next Level Adapt and grow – Warren Moss of Demographica,

Launch Pad

  • Spotting a Gap Busi Skenjana has tapped into a lucrative niche market by focusing on what she knows
  • Ideation EMGuidance and RentMyRide on bringing great ideas home
  • Feature 10 Bootstrapping tips to turn your idea into a reality.

Anatomy of…

Kate Moodley: At 26 Kate Moodley was a GM at Momentum. She’s gone on to owning one of the most successful Discovery franchises in the country, and has won top franchisee more than once. A focus on hard work, discipline and integrity have allowed her to build an impressive career – without taking any shortcuts.

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