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The secret to success is that you just need to show up. This is Joshin Raghubar’s mantra, and he knows what he’s talking about. At 23 he was heading up the Africa Connection Rally, an ambitious project between Ravi Naidoo’s company, African Interactive, and the South African Department of Transport. The rally celebrated an historic telecoms deal spanning the continent, and aimed to break the world record of the most countries traversed in the shortest number of days. Sadly, the war in the Sudan prevented breaking the record, but it was still a resounding success – and a huge coup for young Joshin.

How did he find himself spearheading such a big project? By showing up. He was at the office at 9pm when Transport Minister Jay Naidoo’s chief of staff was brainstorming the project with Ravi Naidoo. Because he was there, Joshin not only listened to the session, but gave his input as well. He believes that everyone has value to add, and that it’s always worth giving your considered opinion. He was right. By the next day the project was his.

This outlook on life has served Joshin well. He’s met a number of ex-Presidents and Prime Ministers, has been named a Yale Greenburg Fellow, and was nominated to the African Leadership Initiative Fellowship.

He’s also built a R115 million business and is involved in a number of disruptive and innovative start-ups. He’s done more in two decades than most people manage in a life-time – and he generously shares his mindset and success secrets in this month’s issue.

For us, mindset is one of the key ingredients in achieving your dreams and goals. Through hundreds of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, we’ve learnt that there’s a common thread that binds them: They have a positive outlook on life, they’re filled with determination and look for opportunities rather than allowing challenges to hold them back, and they’re focused on self-development.

Each month we delve into mindset as much as we delve into business tactics and strategies. Successful businesses are built by people who focus as much on improving themselves as they do on improving the business.

Take Chelsea Evans for example. Chelsea is co-founder of the Shark Tank funded business, Plan My Wedding. She’s also a mother and a dedicated member of Sweat Nation. Finding time for all the things that matter in her life takes focus and commitment. She unpacks her strategies to lead a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

Kaya FM host of My Money and Me, Thuli Magubane, has used personal development to drive her career and entrepreneurial goals, and shares her roadmap to success as well.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more strategic read, Comair’s CEO, Erik Venter, shares his top five growth lessons. In a highly competitive and commoditised industry, Comair’s costs have increased by 225% since 2001, but their ticket prices have only increased by 27%. How has such a large organisation maintained these efficiencies, while improving customer service and processes at the same time? If you want to find out, pick up a copy of this month’s issue of Entrepreneur.

What’s in the October 2017 Issue?

From Zero to R115 Million

Find out how Joshin Raghubar transitioned from a 23-year-old start-up with zero capital to head of a multinational group of companies.

10 Minute start-up masterclass

Seven crucial start-up lessons from the masters of Silicon Valley — from why some business ideas succeed (and others don’t), to what you need to do when you launch to ensure success. You don’t need to move your company to the US to access top start-up advice from Y Combinator and other top US businesses.

Standing the test of time

In a world where businesses fade into irrelevancy or don’t even make it past their first few years, Comair Limited hasn’t only just celebrated its 70th year in business, but has remained a profitable, competitive business in a highly commoditised industry. These are CEO Erik Venter’s top five lessons in remaining competitive, profitable and innovative.


  • Psychology of success 10 Truths about billionaires that nobody understands
  • Mindset Mind space matters for Thuli Magubane
  • Communication Stop saying ‘no’ and start asking ‘how’ 

Special Features

  • Business showcase Keep your business in tip top shape with these innovative businesses


  • Leadership On the winds of success with CEO Erik Venter
  • Winning How you can win too much
  • Managing performance Managing the complexity of growth
  • Longevity Grounded Media on being built to last
  • High-impact boards Trust is earned


  • Employee experience How Andy Golding made work fun
  • Sales Tell a story and make the sale
  • Growth How Levergy grew smartly
  • Funding Should you raise funding?
  • Social media Create customers for life
  • Content marketing The bottom line of content marketing

Launch Pad

  • Start-up school Rea; start-up advice to launch a game-changing business
  • Culture Your start-up growth engine
  • Ask Al Be more, do more
  • Work-life balance Sacrificing for your start-up
  • Business unusual No decision is ‘free’


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