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Three years ago, we interviewed Nicholas Bell about the brave strategic decision he had made to dismantle his business model and create new business that was more sustainable, took product risk into account, and was infinitely more scalable.

At the time, the new business had a turnover of R65 million based on the merger of three SMEs, headed up by Bell himself and named Decision Inc. We asked Bell what his plans for growth were – our cover profiles require a turnover of R100 million, and we were interested to see whether we should keep Decision Inc on our radar.

Bell told us he’d see us in two years. His goal was to hit R100 million by his 30th birthday, which was at the beginning of 2016.

Needless to say, he did it. Bell is one of the most strategically-minded entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing at Entrepreneur. More than that though, he sets goals and sees them through, which is perhaps the bigger lesson that we’ve enjoyed through our dealings with him.

Bell has reverse engineered all of his success. He determines where he wants to be, and what he needs to do to get there – and then he does it. It sounds simple, but it takes tremendous discipline and a focus on continuous improvement.

This month we unpack the strategies that have led to Decision Inc’s growth, and what it’s going to take to meet Bell’s next goal – a  R1 billion turnover with a 10x return.

Mindset is one of the most critical factors of success. How you think determines how well you do, personally and professionally. TBO Touch unpacks his success philosophies for us, revealing how a kid from Sharpville has developed into a leading voice in South Africa.

If you’ve been looking for funding, this is the perfect issue for you. VC funder Clive Butkow outlines the ten attributes that funders look for, how you can develop a business and mindset that funders want to back, as well as the 10-slide presentation that will leave investors wanting to know more about you and your business.

Enjoy the issue!

What’s in the February 2017 Issue?









The Art Of 10X Growth

Nicholas Bell is a determined guy. He has big dreams, but he also sets himself specific goals to achieve them.

Finding A Profitable Niche

Law firms, like most service-based businesses, are difficult to scale. Maditsi Mphela has taken a business with a R10 000 turnover in 1986 and not only stood the test of time, but scaled to R100 million by becoming a niche leader.

The Art Of 10x Growth

Nicholas Bell launched his business from his bedroom while he was at varsity. Eight years later he has radically adjusted his business model, addressed potential risk areas that could disrupt growth and hit his target of R100 million before his 30th birthday. His next goal? To achieve a 10x valuation. Here’s how he’s doing it.


  • Wealth Creation 12 Life-altering financial secrets
  • Success Mindset Azim Omar of Africa Growth Markets at EY on putting purpose before profit
  • Legacy Building How to leave a lasting legacy


  • Growth How to turbo-charge your CEO skillset
  • Management Optimising performance by bringing a ‘conductor; on board
  • Diversity Donna Rachelson of Seed Academy on putting more women into a leadership position
  • Leadership The header, the heart and the hands – how to build a sustainable organization with Dawn Nathan-Jones
  • Development Test your knowledge – Why your learning is never done
  • Next Level Risk versus reward with Maditsi Mphela of Mphela & Associates

Special Feature

Return On Investment

Services and products that will help you save on your bottom line, drive profits and improve efficiencies and your business’s sustainability. 


  • Staff smarts The Money School on becoming financially free
  • Budgets Manage your budgets using this advice
  • Cloud Why CIOs should adopt Cloud Telephony Services
  • Disruption Why Lebohang Khitsane aims for the sky
  • Research Leverage your customers for growth
  • Fleets Here’s how fleet management companies handle their risk
  • Customers The little things customers care about.

Launch Pad

  • Funding Are you fundable?
  • Focus Decrease risk and increase options
  • Fundamentals Focus on the basics
  • Branding Make clients come to you
  • Legal wrangling Foundations first when it comes to you launching your business
  • Start-ups Think outside the box says Jerusha Govender of Data Innovator
  • Goals Why you should live a simple life
  • Persistence Don’t give up – no one said it would be easy…

Anatomy of…

TBO Touch: One of South Africa’s most popular radio personalities, TBO Touch has developed into an entrepreneur and brand powerhouse. His mantra in life? There’s no such thing as impossible, only mindsets and attitudes that don’t dream big and strive for greatness.

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