Why Selling Is More Important Than Building

Don’t start a business unless you know how you’ll sell your product. Once you start selling, you can build a track record. Once you have a track record, the world is your oyster.

Click-2-Call: Securing Sales By Retaining The Customer’s Attention

In a world where consumers are regularly besieged with information from a variety of sources, all competing for their attention, direct marketing campaigns have a narrow window to reach their intended target and convert them into a paying customer.

[PODCAST] Brent Tollman – How To Sell More Using Story Telling And Video

Matt Brown interviews Brent Tollman, an entrepreneur and international media strategist, about how to craft a great story for your business, it's products and it's people.
customer referrals

How To Drive Customer Referrals (When You Aren’t Airbnb, Dropbox or Uber)

Build your business through customer referrals by leveraging these five tactics.

10 Ways To Connect With Absolutely Anyone You Meet

Meeting people and winning their trust is essential to business success and life success.


search engine marketing

Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing In South Africa (PART 3)

Part 3: How to grow your business with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Great Places To Take Your Clients When Networking

Are you hoping to make a lasting impression on your client? Maybe you are trying to woo a new client? If that’s the case, you’re going to want to read on and check out these great places that are ideal for taking your clients to.

Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing In South Africa (PART 2)

In this guide, I want to take the opportunity to explain to you exactly what SEO and SEM is and how it can help you take your business to a whole new level if done correctly.
Digital Marketing In South Africa

Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing In South Africa

Part 1: Four Fundamental Digital Strategies to Help Grow Your Business.

25 Ways To Market Your New Business On Little Or No Money

From high-tech (online videos) to no-tech (flyers and cold-calling), leave no stone unturned in your search for customers.


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