Trend Alert! Pre-Wedding P.A.R.T.Y

Trend Alert! Pre-Wedding P.A.R.T.Y


Here comes the bride and the R70 000+ wedding (that’s just the average by the way). But before that we’ve got bachelor and bachelorette parties to throw.

So even though all eyes go to the multi-million rand wedding industry, you’ll be amazed just how lucrative the bachelor and bachelorette party industry can be. Check out these bank balance burning stats.


Britons between the ages of 18 and 49 spend £5 billion on pre-wedding parties annually.

The average cost of a pre-wedding party is £277.

  • 71%

Parties that happen at pubs, bars and clubs

  • 53%

Bachelors who are worried about getting sick from too much booze


Stumped for ideas for bachelor(ette) parties? These are the top searches on Google:


  • 58%

Bachelor female entertainment

  • 43%

Bachelorette game ideas


Party statistics to make you blush


  • 72%

Bachelorettes who receive naughty toys as gifts

  • 47%

The percentage of bachelor parties with exotic dancers

And for a laugh, the percentage of people who believe the bride-to-be should have no say in planning her groom’s bachelor party… drum roll please…

  • 75%



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