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Publicist extraordinaire Farah Fortune of African Star Communications built her business not by courting big clients, but by backing young up-and-comers, and growing her brand right alongside theirs.



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In only its fourth year of operation, Form Design is on track to generate R25 million in revenue this year. What makes this particularly impressive, is that the company is able to do this while generating very few expenses. Founders Tashi Krost and Ricky Silberman don’t even have any employees.

Tom Goldgamer and Danny Aaron have never borrowed a cent; they’ve funded all their growth internally, and their business model is 100% risk- based – which means they take on all the marketing risk, and clients only pay for results (in the form of hot leads or sales). It’s a big upfront cost for the company, but one that’s paid off in spades. Today the Benater Production Group is the holding company for 14 separate companies, has impressive year-on-year growth and a turnover of R200 million per year – all achieved in under ten years.

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The only thing that falls from the sky is rain, say the founders of construction and property development company, Majozi Bros. For everything else, you’ve got to work hard, never take no for an answer, and create your own opportunities.

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