Stuart Minnaar launched Yappo while he was studying at UCT. He’s won start-up funds, secured angel investment and has even been approached by a multinational to sell the business. Here are his tips for building a start-up that others want to invest in – and even buy.

Doreen Katzen, well-known property broker from Vered estates , explains why work life balance is important.


While the list that follows isn’t exhaustive, it presents nine key things that you can avoid in order to increase your emotional intelligence and performance.



Entrepreneur Dane Spear already had a successful business when he was struck by a curious anomaly amongst his clients. Instead of ignoring it, he pursued it and created a new business, that solves a very important sales question.

iFix services 10 000 clients a month and 75% of those are from word-of-mouth; that’s a pretty impressive branding win. Here’s how iFix founder, Alex Fourie made it happen.

How The Recruitment Specialists, who operate across two continents, is making flexi-time and virtual offices work for their business.

Inside the mind of the man with about 500 million friends, Mark Zuckerberg talks why he only hires people he’d actually work for, why the ah-ha moment is a myth and why he’s always in the same old shirt.
Koo Govender

How a CEO’s personal brand can enhance the company’s brand and lead to more business.

Our libraries are paved with gold. You have to know how to use the gold you have.

Divan Botha, founder of The Whippet, is a firm believer that a healthy business starts with a healthy entrepreneur. Here’s how he works in the time for workouts.

Your fear of running across a busy highway is good. If you're afraid to seize an opportunity, that's a problem.
Craig Hinds

Songwriter, frontman of Watershed and entrepreneur, Craig Hinds is passionate about music, and the first to say that talent will only get you so far – the rest is hard work.

Auctioning your lunch hour to the highest bidder and other weird things famous entrepreneurs get up to at midday.

Remarkable stories about local entrepreneurs who built big businesses and well known brands up from humble beginnings.

If you want your business to take off, don't get caught up in these things.