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About Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa

Published by Entrepreneur Media SA (Pty) Ltd, Entrepreneur magazine is a premium South African business magazine. Launched in 2006, it is published under license from Entrepreneur US, America’s top-selling business magazine.

Targeted at business owners and key decision makers, the monthly South African publication is the “how to” handbook for building companies.

Each issue of the magazine delivers relevant, incisive, high-quality content that not only inspires entrepreneurs to achieve their own business success, but delivers a ‘call to action’ as well. Each issue balances inspiring local success stories that readers can learn valuable business lessons from, with reference guide-like articles that offer actionable steps entrepreneurs can implement immediately. Local and international experts also weigh-in on pertinent topics, covering a broad range of business issues.




South Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape comprises of highly innovative, high-growth entrepreneurs, but it also lists as one of the lowest entrepreneurial countries percentage-wise on the GEM report.

Entrepreneur aims to assist growth in this vital economic sector by inspiring local business people to grow their companies and providing them with the tools and motivation to do so.



  • Entrepreneur Magazine:
    Award winning monthly magazine available in print and digital formats
  • Entrepreneur Digital:
    Website and newsletters delivering high-impact content on demand.



Entrepreneur has won a number of top industry awards since its launch in 2006:

African Corporate Excellence Awards:

  • Business Magazine of the Year – South Africa, 2016

Tabbie Awards:

Tabbies winners are selected from a pool of over 500 international entries and are judged by the USA-based TABPI Association (Trade Association Business Publications International):

  • Editorial Award: Best Profile Article, Honorable Mention, 2016
  • Top 25 for Best Single Issue, 2015
  • Editorial Award: Placed in Top 5 for Best Profile Article, 2015
  • Top 25 for Best Single Issue, 2014
  • Editorial Award: Bronze Award placing third for Best Profile Article, 2014

Sunday Times – Top Brands:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine was ranked in the Top 5 in the Business Print Media Category, 2011

Admag Awards:

  • Gold Award for Publishing Excellence: Business Category, 2009
  • Silver Award for Publishing Excellence: Business Category, 2008
  • Gold Award for Publishing Excellence: Business Category, 2007

Pica Awards:

  • Best International Special Interest Magazine, 2009
  • Best International Special Interest Magazine, 2008
  • Best International Special Interest Magazine, 2007
  • Philip Tyler Trophy for Best New Launch (local and international), 2007


Entrepreneur Magazine is registered with and audited by the ABC