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Has Bono Found What He’s Looking For?

U2 frontman Bono is an Irish singer, musician, venture capitalist and humanitarian.

Alison Job




This busy musician has his finger in a lot of pies, all of which are related to improving the lot of others.

Bono, in partnership with fellow band member The Edge, has refurbished and owns The Clarence Hotel in Dublin. In 1992, the two men bought and refurbished the two-star 70-bedroom hotel, and converted it into a five-star 49-bedroom hotel.




Bono is also widely known for his activism concerning Africa, for which he co-founded DATA (Debt, Aids, Trade, Africa), Edun Clothing, the ONE Campaign and Product Red.




Founded in 2005, Edun Clothing focuses on lifting up developing countries through trade. The goal is to use factories in Africa, South America and India that provide fair wages to workers and practice good business ethics to create a business model that will encourage investment in developing nations.




Product Red is another initiative begun by Bono (with American activist Bobby Shriver) to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Shriver is the CEO of Product Red, whilst Bono is currently an active public spokesperson for the brand.

Product Red partners companies that create a product with the Product Red logo. A percentage of the profits from the sale of these labelled products go to the Global Fund.




Bono entered the private equity market in 2004, joining the board of Elevation Partners. Through the private-equity firm, Bono has invested in the Forbes Media group in the US. The firm also owns a 1.5% stake in social networking site Facebook.



Alison Job holds a BA English, Communications and has extensive experience in writing that spans news broadcasting, public relations and corporate and consumer publishing. Find her at Google+.

Celebrity Businesses

(Slideshow) Nataniël: SA’s Singer/Songwriter & Kaalkop Entertainer

South Africa’s very own controversial celeb, Nataniël, has everyone eating at his table.

Alison Job



Nathaniel-Celebrity-Entrepreneur-Cool Business

Nataniël le Roux


Local celebrity

Since his solo career launch in 1987, the prolific Nataniël le Roux has released over 15 albums, published 14 books and staged over 60 original theatre shows.

The Kaalkop

Kaalkop columns

Kaalkop columns

Nataniël’s honesty in his Kaalkop columns in Sarie magazine over the past 10 years have caused the readers to see him in a new light. His new book Kaalkop 3 combines 54 of his articles from Sarie with new recipes to try out.

Kaalkop Studio

Kaalkop Studio

Kaalkop Studio

Kaalkop Studio, Nataniël’s lifestyle retail company, has recently expanded its beauty range to paper products made from recycled paper and sustainable sources. In addition to its luxurious beauty range, the outlet also sells necklaces, items for the kitchen and Kaalkop coffee.

Nataniël is also the manager of his own recording label, Nataniël House Of Music.

Child Welfare South Africa

Nataniel Child Welfare South Africa

Nataniel Child Welfare South Africa

Nataniël is not only one of SA’s leading performers, he is also a firm advocate of children’s rights. He has been working with Child Welfare South Africa as one of its high profile ambassadors, working tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for CWSA.

He has also started his own charity called The Nataniel Progress Project.

Die Nataniël Tafel

Die Nataniël Tafel

Die Nataniël Tafel

His show on kykNET!, Die Nataniël Tafel, keeps viewers riveted with witticisms and food fit for a king, stories full of flavour and food for special occasions. Nataniël’s passion for good food comes from a very young age.

Originally inspired by a grandmother with a true love for the kitchen, and later nurtured by his friendhips with several South African food personalities and favourite chefs, his cooking and entertainment skills are legendary.

And last but not least, who can forget Nataniël’s extremely funny advertisements for a retail chain with chef Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon-Ramsay-Celebrity Entrepreneurs-Cool Business

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Celebrity Businesses

(Slideshow) Gordon Ramsay: Controversial but Successful

Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay is a world-class chef and his no-nonsense advice gets the message across every time.

Alison Job




Work with the best, to be the best



If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.

What is your next cow?



I don’t like looking back. I’m always constantly looking forward. I’m not the one to sort of sit and cry over spilt milk. I’m too busy looking for the next cow.

Look at your passion



I still love football and I think cooking is like football. It’s not a job, it’s a passion. When you become good at it, it’s a dream job and financially you need never to worry. Ever.

Game Over – Thanks for playing



The minute you start compromising for the sake of massaging somebody’s ego, that’s it, game over.

Push yourself to the extreme


PC: thedailymeal

As a soccer player, I wanted an FA Cup winner’s medal. As an actor you want an Oscar. As a chef it’s three-Michelin’s stars, there’s no greater than that. So pushing yourself to the extreme creates a lot of pressure and a lot of excitement, and more importantly, it shows on the plate.

Stay on track


Stay fit!

The pressure on young chefs today is far greater than ever before in terms of social skills, marketing skills, cooking skills, personality and, more importantly, delivering on the plate. You need to be strong. Physically fit. So my chefs get weighed every time they come into the kitchen.

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Celebrity Businesses

(Slideshow) SA’s Power Couples

These are some impressive SA celebrity partnerships.

Alison Job




Jerry and Claudine Mofokeng


Jerry and Claudine Mofokeng

The renowned Jerry Mofokeng is a counsellor, actor and director. The South African legend has appeared in movies such as Cry, The Beloved Country, Mandela and De Klerk and Tsotsi. Jerry and his wife, Claudine, have been married for 33 years.

The Mofokengs are relationship counsellors who do presentations around the family institution to churches, business and social groups. Their seminars are also recorded on DVDs.

Heinz and Alette Winckler

heinz and alette winckler


Heinz Winckler is an English and Afrikaans pop singer who won the first season of Idols. He has spent time travelling and performing abroad, including acting and singing in on-stage musicals. Winckler was also a coach on the third season of Patricia Lewis’s hit show Supersterre.

His wife, Alette is an image consultant. As a public figure and speaker she also shares her knowledge with women’s groups, corporates, churches, finishing schools, and brides. She writes a blog on Sarie magazine’s website and is working on a style manual.

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Lloyd and Janice Cele


Idols runner up Lloyd Cele travels the country performing at live events. He is married to Janice and they have two sons. In addition to being nominated for top accolades, Cele is kept busy, recording songs with top producers, shooting videos and collaborating with leading SA artists.

He is currently lending his name and face to charitable organisations such as Reach For A Dream and the Domestos Toilet campaign, which builds new toilets in schools across SA.

He is also working on his autobiography.

Michelle and Riaan Garforth-Venter



Michelle and Riaan Garforth-Venter are South Africa’s leading Eco-Warriors and one of SA’s most celebrated media power couples. Having made her start on television, Michelle has moved into producing and presenting programmes geared towards nature and wildlife – something she is incredibly passionate about.

Riaan is known to most South Africans as DIY guru, Die Nutsman. His love for the environment has led him to explore the idea of eco-friendly DIY projects.

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Danny K and Lisa Gundelfinger

Danny K and Lisa Gundelfinger

Danny K and Lisa Gundelfinger on their wedding day

Danny K is a local RnB artist and humanitarian. He is married to former swimsuit model turned advocate, Lisa Gundelfinger. Danny joined forces with  Kabelo Mabalane to form SHOUT, a non-profit, anti-crime initiative which partnered with Crime Line to encourage South Africans to take a stand against crime.

In addition to touring and performing with international acts that include Craig David, U2, Beyonce and P Diddy, Danny K has also written and produced songs for the likes of Jamali, TK and Mandoza. He is also been writing a book which is coming out very soon.

Gerry-Elsdon-Celebrity-Entrepreneur-Cool Business

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