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Cool Offices

Where Facebook Makes the Magic Happen

It’s not just a place to update your latest thought, it’s a pretty cool place to work.

Tracy Lee Nicol




Facebook isn’t just a place where hours of time are spent updating your status or promoting your business. Behind the marvelous social platform, a whole lot of work is being done. And to keep Facebook ahead of the pack, it’s got cool offices that make its employees want to hang around at work.

Taking one of their most popular features literally, Facebook has its own wall.




There’s no such thing as drab, soul-sucking cubical farms. The company encourages social interaction and here, one office has been decked out with a Super Mario theme.




When things get tense and staff go a bit square-eyed from staring at their screens, there’s a dedicated band room for blowing off steam.




We know programmers operate on different wave-lengths to the rest of us. And Facebook’s offices are dotted with things that can only be interpreted as inside jokes.




Understanding that getting things to market and then refining is key to staying ahead of the pack, Facebook’s wall art reminds workers that done is better than perfect.




And we all know sugar is the key to getting things done. An on-tap supply of sweeties and soda.






But when getting things done gets too much and music won’t cut it, wall art becomes functional.




Here’s where all your status updates go. Tens of thousands of servers in Facebook’s California data centre.





Tracy-Lee Nicol is an experienced business writer and magazine editor. She was awarded a Masters degree with distinction from Rhodes university in 2010, and in the time since has honed her business acumen and writing skills profiling some of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, franchisees and franchisors.Find her on Google+.


Cool Offices

(Slideshow) Bizarre Buildings

From a germ-free building to one built in a bomb shelter, we take a look at some of the strangest yet functional buildings around the world.

Alison Job



Strange-Office-Buildings-Cool Offices
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The-Bubble-Building-Cool Offices-Cool BusinessThe Bubble Building. This inflatable, antibacterial building was designed to keep out germs in the Shanghai city centre. While it may resemble a giant jumping castle, if built it will provide an ultra-clean office space.

The building could be created using inflatables made of white antibacterial nylon that are placed around the exterior of an ordinary office building.

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Cool Offices

(Slideshow) An Artistic Eye

Saatchi and Saatchi bust out in Bangkok in the most colourful way they know how.

Casandra Visser



Saatchi-Saatchi-Office-Bangkok-Cool Offices-Cool Business
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Saatchi-Saatchi-Office1-Cool Offices-Cool BusinessSaatchi & Saatchi, a brand that came about in the 1980s, is now one of the world’s advertising giants. The agency has now setup shop in Thailand, and true to their brilliance their offices are really something to stare at.

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Cool Offices

As Cool as on TV – where your office looks like a film set.

Tracy Lee Nicol




We all dream of cool offices, but most of us only get as far as customising our desk area with a few photos and a gadget or two. But check out video social networking company’s awesome offices. Located in Turkey, the sprawling building hosts over 200 employees and offers a range of stations for any kind of mood, be it social, relaxing, or a quiet spot to focus.

Since work is where we spend a large portion of our day, decided to make it a fun place to be, with themed offices that are caves, ski lifts, a sail boat, a stage, bar, café, you name it. Scroll on and be amazed.

The stage space allows workers to enjoy their hobbies like playing in a band, staging short plays, reciting poetry. Office-Cool Offices

“My office is a cave… no, really” Office-Cool Offices

Feel like you need a break from work? Take a pause in one of the ski lift rest areas. Office Cool Offices

Because every office needs a boat desk to bring on good ideas. Office Cool Offices

When the day is done and a well-deserved drink is in order, just pop down stairs to the company’s own bar. Wonder if the drinks are subsidised…? Office Cool Offices

Need a quiet space to reflect and be intellectual? Try the library room – even if the books are just printed wallpaper… Office  Cool Offices

This cute office looks like a blown-up doll’s house. Office Cool Offices

We’re not even sure what they were thinking with this cotton ball, igloo, snowball meeting room… Office Cool Offices

There’s even a gym with TV screens that show jogging routes linked to the outside world. Office Cool Office

But before you go thinking these people have got a little slice of heaven, even has a cubical farm. Office 10


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