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Work Life Balance

Avoiding Burnout

Take time out. Have a life outside your business. Here’s what to do if you’re headed toward workaholism.

Ray Silverstein




Burnout is an occupational hazard for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to get so consumed by the business that you forget to have a life. Entrepreneurial spirit is a good thing, but not when it turns into obsession. Eventually, excessive work, worry and long hours will take a toll on your body and soul. Either way, when you burn the candle at both ends, sooner or later your flame flickers out. That flame – your passion for the business – is one of your most valuable assets. Once extinguished, it’s hard to reignite.That’s why it’s up to you to protect it.

How to Avoid Burnout

The best way to avoid burnout is to achieve a work-life balance. Make a point of pursuing interests outside of business. Dedicate time every week to things that bring you pleasure, whether that means spending more time with family, starting a fitness programme, resuming your favourite sport or engaging in volunteer work that’s meaningful to you.

Having a rich leisure life is a healthy solution. Physically and emotionally, it’s a great stress reducer. In addition, there are steps you can take to protect your “flame” at work. As an added bonus, these are healthy for the business, too:

  • Set goals and priorities. Practice good time management.Don’t fritter away the day on trivial tasks; do your most important projects first.
  • Delegate. Hand off smaller projects and focus on the big issues. If something prevents you from delegating, address it. (For example, if you pay the bills because you have a problem trusting others, set up a two-person payables system that requires dual signatures.) Delegating helps employees grow.
  • Take on exciting, new projects that drive the business forward. Enrich your entrepreneurial spirit by growing in new directions.
  • Keep learning. Read new business books, join a peer advisory group or attend a seminar. Do things that keep your mind active and your enthusiasm high.

Bouncing Back

What if it’s already too late and you’ve lost your spark? Don’t fight it or ignore it. Don’t minimise its importance. The best thing you can do is take some time off and figure out how to regroup. You may come back renewed or decide it’s time for a change.

One entrepreneur I know became so overwhelmed he jumped on his boat and literally sailed away. Ultimately, he concluded that it was time to sell his company. If your business makes you that unhappy, then that’s the healthy thing to do. Better yet, never let the situation get so dire.

Burnout is Contagious

If the boss is miserable, you can bet your employees are miserable, too. No matter how you try to mask it, your people will be able to read you. And when that happens, morale will plummet – and right behind it,productivity. For a small business, an owner’s burnout can have huge, sometimes fatal, repercussions.You have an obligation to your employees to take care of yourself. As their leader, you set the pace. That’s yet another reason to protect yourself against burnout by seeking balance in your life.There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and being a workaholic is one prime example. And the irony of it all: You’ll be more productive in business when you invest in your life outside it.

Are you at risk?

How do you know if you’re headed for burnout? You’re at risk, if:

  • You often cancel social activities because “something came up at work.”
  • You rarely take vacation.
  • Although you profess to love golf or gardening or whatever, you seldom do it anymore.
  • When someone asks you how you are, you respond by telling them about your newest product or problem at work.
  • Even when off duty, you constantly check your email and cell phone.
  • If that sounds like you, you need time out.

Ray Silverstein is a leadership expert at Entrepreneur and is the author of “The Best Secrets of Great Small Businesses”.

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Travel At The Touch Of A Button

The revolutionary Travelit app has been developed for the global marketplace to meet your business travel needs.





Travelit has launched an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies the trip approval process, provides a full trip itinerary and assists in management of travel expenses.

“The app is designed in South Africa, for the African and global marketplace,” says Wayne Muirhead Chief Sales Officer at Travelit. “We have developed the app locally with our own developers, and opted not to use a white labelling solution.”

The app interface enables the requirements of travellers, approvers, users, as well as finance and procurement role players to be met so each trip is seamlessly planned and executed.

Stress-free financial administration

“Expense management is an integral part of the complete travel cost; businesses want to understand their complete travel bill,” says Wayne. This is why the app incorporates features that facilitate:

  • Capturing of photographs of receipts real-time
  • Immediate allocation of expenses to the correct description
  • Uploading expenses for workflow approval
  • Attachment of an expense to a travel trip, or generating a non-travel related expense.

Simplified trip approval process

In addition, approvers’ features enable simple visibility into the trip’s cost and details:

  • Approval of booking requests
  • Trip confirmation once trip has been successfully approved
  • Managing alerts — approval notifications, pre-trip notification as well as travel notifications
  • Out of office activation for approvers.

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Trip management made easy

With Travelit’s new app, travellers have the ability to update, create new profiles directly from their phones and update and store all their information, including:

  • Updating of profile details
  • Personal information
  • Visas, passports, meal types, seating preferences
  • Loyalty programmes.

As a traveller, when you are travelling, you require information, updates and access to your travel documentation in real time. The Trip Manager function provides you with this through the following functions:

  • View current, pending and past trips
  • Trip itinerary information
  • View trips that are awaiting approval
  • View supplier vouchers
  • Locate properties via the Map option
  • Boarding passes are available
  • Real-time alerts to travellers.

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Happy travels

“We have done a soft launch with the app and offered it to strategic users and clients within our ecosystem,” says Wayne. These corporates have enjoyed the functions within the app, such as:

  • Real time information for the traveller (itineraries, vouchers, boarding passes)
  • Approval notifications and the approval capability
  • Notifications
  • Contact information for the consultants after-hours, and assistance
  • Access to the traveller profile to ensure their data is updated and correct
  • Check-in to the airline.

The Travelit app is available in the Google Play Store and iOS Store. Travelit will make monthly app releases by offering users ongoing functionality and features.

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Access To The Best In Travel Excellence

As a global company, business travel plays an important part in Hatch’s successful operation. Yolandi Coertze, facilities manager at Hatch, explains how switching to Travelit changed the way they travelled forever — for the better.





Multinational engineering consultancy, Hatch requires a travel partner that provides easy access to its regional and international offices for meetings, conferences and client engagements. This is why Hatch chose Travelit, and has since experienced reliable and consistently superior service, says Yolandi Coertze, facilities manager.

“Travelit allows us to have the flexibility in terms of work sharing with global offices and makes it possible for us to attend to our client requirements in a professional and efficient manner.”

Here’s how partnering with Travelit has helped Hatch soar as a market leader.

What have Hatch’s biggest business travel challenges 
been to date?

Our biggest challenge has been to provide our travellers with an easy booking solution that gives them the best options available at a glance, in line with our travel policy for their travel arrangements, without taking up valuable time when booking their travel. In addition, managing cost against convenience and ease of travel is an ongoing challenge.

Why did you start using Travelit?

We were in the market for an online booking solution. Travelit made an impressive proposal by building the system around our specific needs and requirements. They incorporated our travel policy guidelines, while offering us an easy-to-use booking system which decreased our monthly expenditure. The platform also allows us to manage our travel more effectively.

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How has Travelit made doing business easier?

We have seen a big change in travel behaviour and travellers are more aware of unnecessary costs that can be avoided when booking travel. Travel booking time (once travel bookers became used to the system) has also decreased, which allows travel bookers to utilise the extra time 
more efficiently.

What benefits have you experienced as a Travelit client?

We have seen a big decrease in our missed savings, which means that our travellers are booking in line with our travel policy by utilising the parameters that have been set up in Travelit. Our contracts with certain suppliers are also maintained on the Travelit platform, which allows us to utilise the lowest rate to keep in line with our travel policy. The ease of booking online at any time when travel is required is an additional benefit. We have reduced our paperwork by being online, and uploading data into our accounting system has made the process simple and efficient.

Why would you recommend Travelit to other businesses?

Travelit is efficient in terms of booking travel, cost-effective and allows for flexibility where required.

What makes Travelit the best in the market?

  • Multi-leg international routings
  • Travel behaviour reports
  • Alternative solution to bill-backs
  • Tracked booking patterns
  • Accommodation feedback solution
  • Comprehensive fare calculator.

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Beyond Business Class

RwandAir, the national carrier of the Republic of Rwanda, is reputed for its excellent on-time performance, customer service and safety – and it has one of the youngest fleets on the African continent.





Vital Stats

RwandAir has just celebrated yet another big milestone as the airline continues to expand its network. “Our aim is to provide to our customers seamless and better connections on the continent and beyond. Abuja and Cape Town come in as a boost to the different economies in terms of tourism and trade on one hand and enhance bilateral partnership between our countries on the other,” beams Chance Ndagano, previous CEO of RwandAir.

RwandAir, an IATA member, recently renewed its IOSA certification and has been ISAGO and EASA certified. With a fleet of twelve aircraft, including two wide-body Airbus A330 acquired last year, the airline currently reaches out to 26 destinations across East, Central, West and Southern Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

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Rapid African advancement

Launched in December 2002 as RwandAir Express, RwandAir is among the continent’s the fastest-growing airlines, despite its recent entry into the market. Since its first flight took off, RwandAir has boasted unsurpassed, safe and reliable service, operating from the city of Kigali.

The Rwandan airline aims to connect Rwanda with the world and vice versa. This goal is being achieved through its network that currently covers a number of cities throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. RwandAir’s most popular flight routes include flights from Johannesburg to Dubai, London and Mumbai.

A year of successes

Recently, RwandAir started flights from Kigali to Mumbai, London (Gatwick) and Brussels as well as Dakar from its new hub in Cotonou. The airline also introduced flights to Abidjan, Libreville and Brazzaville from its Cotonou hub. In May 2017 the airline started flying direct from Cape Town to Harare.

This year the airline will be introducing new routes to Addis, Tel Aviv, China and New York.

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