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Make More From Your Money

Tired of never quite having enough? Make your money work for you!

David Szuhanyi




Living the life you choose doesn’t happen by chance.  To become financially secure and achieve your lifestyle goals you need patience, discipline and time.  Follow these easy steps…

Have a plan

Imagine that you board an aeroplane and the captain announces that you’ve been cleared for take-off.  He informs you that it will be a bit bumpy at first but after clearing the clouds should be a smooth flight.  He goes further to say that on board is fourteen hours’ worth of fuel and that they plan to burn off that fuel and hope that when it runs out, you will land in a nice place.

Not the kind of flight you would like to be on, is it?

And yet so many of us fly like this daily.  We have a job, earn some money, spend it (hopefully save some of it) and when we reach the end of our careers, hope to be in a nice place.  Unfortunately, for many, we are not satisfied with where we end up.

A financial plan, much like a flight plan, is designed to help you arrive at your planned destination.  Sure, there will be some turbulence along the way, but revisiting your plan will ensure a safe landing.


Keeping track of your monthly expenses using a budget is an essential tool in your financial plan.  Without it, you won’t know where your money is going.  Creating a budget may seem tedious, but you might be surprised at just how valuable it can be.  A good budget can help keep your spending on track or uncover hidden cash flow problems that might free up more money to put towards your other financial goals.

The hardest part of creating a budget is sitting down and actually creating one.  Start by taking stock for a month.  Once you’ve taken the time to create a budget, it’s time to make sure you follow it.  Budgeting can be like going on a diet—you start with good intentions, but after a few weeks or months you drift away from your plan.

Here are a few steps that will ensure budgeting success:

Identify how you’re spending money.  What are the monthly expenses?  Do you go out to dinner with friends every Friday night or go to the movies once a week?  Looking at where your money is going will give you a better handle on tracking it.

Keep a journal.  In the early stages of keeping a budget, it might be helpful to keep a daily journal of your spending habits. Write down what you spend money on each day. Watch for repeated purchases which might be easily avoidable, like a trip to the coffee shop every morning.

Leave your credit card at home.  It’s very easy (and tempting) to whip out your credit card to buy one of those must-have specials.  To prevent shooting from the hip, leave your credit card at home and allow yourself time to carefully consider the purchase.


Saving isn’t possible for everyone: repaying debts may take priority and it’s only possible to save when you have ‘spare’ money.  When you’re living to a strict budget there might be little or no spare money to set aside.

Unexpected events happen, the car breaks down or medical treatment is required, and these unplanned expenses can place you under financial pressure.  Living below your income allows you to save thereby creating an emergency fund to cushion the financial blow of a potential crisis.

Another important reason to save money is your retirement.  The sooner you start saving for retirement, the less you will have to save in the future.  As you continue to contribute over time you will be earning more interest on the money you have, then you put in each month.

Personal Finance

10 Tips To Become A Millionaire This Year

Becoming a millionaire requires changing your mindset and implementing some changes.

Murray Newlands



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Becoming a millionaire may seem out of your reach, but it’s possible with the right attitude and guidance. The fact of the matter is your income can only grow as quickly as you do, so you need to change your mindset to achieve your goal of becoming a millionaire.

Once you have a millionaire mind, you can’t lose it, no matter what financial or business mistakes you make along the way. To get yourself there, you’re going to need some structure. To help you, I’ve outlined the top ten tips you should follow to become a millionaire this year.

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Personal Finance

If You Think These 5 Things, You’ll Never Get Rich By The Time You’re 30

Five common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business and how to correct them.



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Last week, I had lunch with a millennial who wanted some advice about a business he’s starting. After the usual small talk, we got down to discussing his business plan. Within a short time, it was clear that his business idea was great, his plan for executing was fairly solid and he had gathered together a strong team to help him make it happen.

So far, so good. But, to be frank, this guy has no chance of being successful with his current mentality. What it takes to be rich (or successful in any measure) has a lot more to do with your mindset than your ideas and plans.

From the time we started in business at the ripe ages of six and seven, our Grandpa Joe taught my brother Matthew and me many lessons about the details of running a profitable business. Over the years, we learned about how to create a business plan; how to market our products and services; and how to take care of customers, vendors and employees. All this knowledge has been invaluable to us in creating and running successful businesses. But, what our grandfather taught us about attitude and mindset trumps all other lessons.

Without calling out the specific individual I spoke with recently, below are five “hypothetical” attitudes that will get you nowhere in your journey to success – and the attitudes that should replace them.

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Personal Finance

5 Habits That Lead To Millionaire Business Success

You need the right habits if you’re going to succeed.

Timothy Sykes




What do all millionaire businesspeople have in common? Well, a lot of things.

I found from a recent study that 80 percent of all millionaires still go to work every single day. They’re working people just like me. But, they have to keep themselves in work or it all grinds to a halt. So what are the habits you need to make your business a success?

1. Patience

Nothing is ever going to come easy. You can look at the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, as well as the other usual suspects, to realize that success didn’t come with their first venture. Many of them failed time and time again. It took patience for them to become successful.

I read an article recently about 36-year-old teacher Andrew Hallam who became a self-made millionaire on a teaching salary. But, in his spare time he invested smart and lived frugally.

It proves you don’t have to inherit lots of money or become an instant success to make a millionaire business.

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2. Dedication

You have to be dedicated to your craft if you’re going to become successful. Going back to Bill Gates again, he started his business in the back of his garage. Now that’s dedication.

It’s what I tell all my students. If they’re not dedicated to this, then they should leave. You need to be able to push through the barren periods if you’re going to reach the oasis of success.

3. Ambition and big dreams

Have you ever heard the quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”?

I take that to heart because even if you aim to become a billionaire and miss you still might be a millionaire many times over. Take the Wright Brothers as an example. Not content with creating a successful glider in 1902 they went on to create the world’s first airplane in 1903, making four brief flights in Kitty Hawk. It demonstrates the importance of dreaming big because you never know what you might achieve.

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4. Learn from mistakes

Every good businessperson will mess something up. It’s inevitable. What’s important is how you learn from your mistakes over time. Do you adapt after making your mistakes?

Millionaire businesspeople always set some time aside to reflect. Then they create a plan of action for ensuring that it doesn’t happen again. Most failed businesspeople put it down to “bad luck.”

5. Focus on niches

This important! Try to take over a whole industry at once and you’ll inevitably get swallowed up by the competition. Start small and control your own niche before moving into another niche. When you master your small area, you can push on and expand.

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You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to expand after you master your own niche/audience first.

Do you have what it takes? That’s the question I always ask novice businesspeople. You need a plan and you need the right habits if you’re going to succeed.

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