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10 Cannabis Business Opportunities You Can Start From Home

The marijuana industry is on the verge of exploding within South Africa, there are numerous business opportunities you can start from your couch.

Nicole Crampton



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Now that consumers can enjoy weed in the comforts of their homes there is the potential for an entire industry to support and cater to these individuals. Looking to the American cannabis industry will reveal new innovations and even more business opportunities that you can inject into the budding South Africa market.

Selling marijuana is still illegal, for now, as parliament decides what their next steps will be on legalisation in the next 24 months. Considering the global trend, they will likely bring this industry into the mainstream to regulate and tax it, following the in the footsteps of USA and Canada.

In the meantime, you could create a whole business around offering services and products to those using it legally.

Here are 10 weed business opportunities you can start from your couch:

  1. Weed on-the-go
  2. Cashing in on cannabis accessories
  3. Sell an indoor incubator
  4. Build an App or Platform for Weed Users
  5. Offer a safe and convenient storage option
  6. Bong Protector
  7. Making and Baking Cannabis edibles
  8. Become a weed artist
  9. Cannabis cosmetics
  10. Reefer reviewer & blogger
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Nicole Crampton is an online writer for Entrepreneur Magazine. She has studied a BA Journalism at Monash South Africa. Nicole has also completed several courses in writing and online marketing.