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25 Of The Most Successful Business Ideas In South Africa

Find out who’s making waves in numerous industries and how they managed to differentiate themselves in local and international industries.

Nicole Crampton



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12. GAAP Provides A Hardware And Software Point-Of Sale And Enterprise Solution For The Hospitality Industry


GAAP provides a solution to a restaurant owner, to control his business. They also provide a complete enterprise solution for a big franchise, to control the franchise as well as the individual stores.

Their unique competitive advantage is that they offer a fully encompassing rental to the hospitality industry, and they act as a bank. “This solution has enabled us to create a lot more sales than we would have in the past, because normally a restaurant would have to go and get finance for their hardware, but we do that financing for them,” explains Jean-Paul D’Abbadie, Founder of GAAP.

GAAP have been able to build an infrastructure in every small town as they’ve grown over the years, which gives them a unique advantage when a national franchise needs local support.

In 2018, GAAP was one of eight finalists for FNB Business Innovation Awards.

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Nicole Crampton is an online writer for Entrepreneur Magazine. She has studied a BA Journalism at Monash South Africa. Nicole has also completed several courses in writing and online marketing.