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25 Of The Most Successful Business Ideas In South Africa

Find out who’s making waves in numerous industries and how they managed to differentiate themselves in local and international industries.

Nicole Crampton



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6. Olympic Paints Has Developed A Built-In Paint Tray Causing An Unexpected Industry Shift


The Flip ‘n Roll is Olympic Paints newest and latest innovation. This new concept in decorative paints is a paint bucket with a dual purpose of a built-in paint tray. Their innovation is solving the challenges customers have with the waste caused by conventional paint trays. These typically have a one or two litre capacity, which can create spilling when consumers are constantly refilling the tray.

Now the twenty-litre container has a built-in tray reducing spillage and waste and making the job cleaner and faster. When customers need to pack-up then just close the container and any excess paint goes straight back inside, reducing the amount of cleaning they need to do.

“The paint industry is very competitive with everyone doing the same thing. We thought, how can we be different? How can we be a bit innovative? How can we give our customers that extra edge that saves them money and saves them time? So, we came up with this concept of Flip ‘n Roll, where the roller tray is incorporated in the paint bucket,” explains Sejal Purbhoo, Founder of Olympic Paints.

In 2018, Olympic Paints was one of eight finalists for FNB Business Innovation Awards.

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