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Entrepreneur Mag Dec 2011

End off the year with your favourite ‘how to guide’ for starting and growing a business.




December 2011 Cover Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa

Start a Business for Free

The reality for most start-ups is that you will not secure external funding from investors and you’ll have no option but to fund the launch of your business yourself. How will you be able to afford it? It’s quite simple…be on the lookout for freebies and take advantage of any special offers you come across. Here’s how to join the ‘cheap revolution’.

Best of 2011

A collection of the very best expert advice from 2011:

  • Learn to think ahead
  • Charge your customers a premium price
  • Streamline your systems to save money and time
  • Improve your chances of getting a loan
  • Add value and save costs
  • Generate repeat sales

Brands of Distinction

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to celebrate by treating yourself to the finer things in life. Entrepreneur’s collection of must-haves for the New Year includes some of the most prestigious brands available, from high performance sports cars to stylish business accessories, award-winning brandy to iconic whisky. Go on, indulge yourself. You deserve it.

Profile: Entrepreneurs Who Make It Happen For Other Entrepreneurs

There’s a broad range of people in South Africa who are passionate about supporting entrepreneurial businesses and providing the means for them to grow and be profitable. What they have in common is an ardent belief in entrepreneurs and a passion for helping them to find the right solutions. We spoke to a group of people who know better than most what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, simply because they have been there and done that. They are taking what they have learnt and using their knowledge, insight and experience to help grow a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Magazine is South Africa's top read business publication with the highest readership per month according to AMPS. The title has won seven major publishing excellence awards since it's launch in 2006. Entrepreneur Magazine is the "how-to" handbook for growing companies. Find us on Google+ here.

Magazine Issue

Entrepreneur Mag April Issue

We give you top tips on how to double your turnover.





More Than Double Your Turnover

10 years to R100 million. Less than 2 more to R250 million. Find out how Chris Wilkins did it, and how you can too.

Branson on why money isn’t everything

Sometimes it’s actually better to start with less money than pots of it.

Make your mark

Why you don’t need to belong to big chain stores to have a successful brand. Lone stars who are rewriting the rules…

Hire Superstars

A 6 step process for finding, hiring and keeping superstar employees.

In the know but customer no-show

You have the expertise but where are the customers?

Be a mental machine

Three strategies to work brain-boosting activities into your busy schedule.

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Magazine Issue

Entrepreneur Mag March 2013

Find out how 2 men turned an SMS into a R300 million empire.





From Students to Moguls

How two men turned an sms into a R300 million empire.

Be Like Zuck

Lessons on building a team from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

Become a Master Marketer

Three simple, cost effective marketing steps that will get you to the top of your game, reaching the right consumers, and beating your competitors.

Feed Your Brain

How to train your brain to stay focused.

Be Your Brand

Kate Moodley shares her take on the accountability of business leaders, always delivering on what you promise and becoming a market leader.

Smart Finance, Smarter Businesses

Successful businesses bring in enough money to keep going. It’s as simple (and complicated) as that.

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Magazine Issue

Entrepreneur Mag Feb 2013

It’s time to change what you know about getting business funding!





MYTH: There’s no business funding available.

FACT: There’s more funding for you than ever before.

Entrepreneur’s little black book of funders.

  • Who they are
  • What they look for
  • How to contact them

The Unrealistic Optimist

Young urban entrepreneur Jonathan Liebmann is dispelling myths left, right and centre: Property entrepreneurs need to be older, more established. Wrong. Johannesburg as a hip urban centre is a thing of the past. Wrong. Businesses can’t thrive in the centre of town. Wrong. Welcome to Maboneng Precint, which is breathing life back into Joburg’s CBD.

Make Your Brand Voice Heard

Adapt your social media plan for 2013 and capitalise on the year’s biggest trends.

Get Excited About New Ideas

Learn to trust your entrepreneurial instincts.

Staying On Top While the Market Changed

Colin Thornton talks to Entrepreneur about the transformation of Dial-A-Nerd from a budget solution for customers to a premium service for corporates.

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